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mixers, cd decks, etc

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cosi, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. anyone know anything about brands?

    know what to look for etc?

  2. Find the most expensive one you can find, it should be good quality :roll:
  3. i dont have thousands of cash monEH :D
  4. What exactly are you looking for? I can recommend any pioneer mixer, both that I have had have been great. :)

    As for cd mixers are you looking for standalone units with the platter on the top that makes it feel more like a record or are you looking for a dual player setup?

    I've got a denon DN2100F, which has been great! It's a bit old now and I think the newer models also support MP3s.

    But again it really depends on what you're looking for.
  5. A good mixer will cost you a fair bit of money, when your buying DJ stuff you get what you pay for....this is a good basic mixer :


    you could alos look at:


    As for CD decks your gonna have to spend $500 and upwards to get a decent one, go on ebay and type in pioneer CDJ...theres other brrands like numark or denon that are good as well. DJ gear isn't cheap, I got 2 technics 1200 turnables(mainly to scratch :grin: ) and haven't got cd players yet, but I do get to use cdj100's sometimes...
  6. If your interested in mixing your own CD's by using PC software I can help you out. Just pm me.

    Adnan12 is right... equipment is costly. Dont get CD players 2nd hand as they are usually used to dj, been knocked around a few times, so the laser isnt always 100%.

    Good brands are Technics and Dennon.
  7. Are you gonna be a DJ At the Croydon pub?
  8. i guess im looking for a dual player setup cd not vinyl.

    so i should stay away from 2nd hand stuff? theres some stuff on ebay.

    ive heard to try and get equipment with stand alone parts so you can replace them aftger they wear out?
  9. do you dj adnan or just play around?
  10. I wanna DJ but I haven't really been making any efforts to try and get into the industry, I just mix and scratch and home in my bedroom....what kind of music do you want to play?
  11. club music mostly, rnb, trance, old songs.

    i went to a party last night and a guy from my high school was the dj and i was just like :-O what the

    he was pretty average but he had some cool equipment.
  12. DJ industry is tough mate.
    Its more 'who you know', than how good you can mix.
  13. If its Dj gear your after then I can help.

    If you want a complete head unit then the pioneer cmx3000 is a complete package.

    Or Pioneer Cdj1000mkII is a more expensive alternative. $1649 each....if you want good separate units.
    Cdj 200....around $499 each.

    pioneer Cmx would be the best package.

    Come see me Im the Pro-audio manger at Billy Hyde Music in Blackburn. If the Hornets in the carpark Im home.
    Can do you a Good Netrider Discount.
    We stock Denon, Pioneer, Numark Technics,Vestax and stanton.

    Maybe speak to you soon
  14. cool thanks stookie. pm sent
  15. Yeah I know it's hard to crack into, but my brother has many contacts and he's even told me he'll let me play for a little bit, but I declined..I was too nervous.(Plus wasn't confident enought to read the crowd and pick the right songs)

    I once done a wedding with him and we weren't really mixing music, it was like we were jukeboxes, when I was up I was using a cdj100 and accidently pressed the play button twice and it was on pause going da da da dad ad over and over :oops: ...I was so embarresed but the rest was alright :grin: :shock:
  16. Factory Sound Sth Melbourne is your friend. They have good advice and dj gear aplenty.