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mixed fr/rr tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by simonr23, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. my bike came with dunlop qualifiers on it front and rear. the rear is new, but the front was pretty worn, and had the saw tooth effect thing happening too.

    i bought a new front today, and the tyre they had was the Q2, a new model which seems to be perhaps slightly softer/racier than the rear tyre i have. will this affect me much. i'm not a real fast rider, but i'd like to know what i might be up against, if i do decide/am able to ride a bit faster in the future.

    any ideas would be muchly appreciated.

  2. You will have no problem.

    Some riders typically fit a sport touring tyre on rear and a stickier sport tyre on front to eek out a few more kms. Rational being that the rear wears out quicker anyway plus the extra grip of the stickier front gives them more confidence in that the rear is likely to lose grip before the front in a "lose".

    You are putting on essentially the same high performance sport tyres front and rear so for mere mortal riders just forget about it and ride hard.
  3. Mismatched tyres won't kill you without warning*. You'll be fine.

    *Unless you put a radial on the front and a crossply on the back. It's the one tyre combination you shouldn't even think about.
  4. cheers guys. :)
  5. I don't know how true it is, I'm not an expert but have also been told, by my local tyre shop, not to put a 'round' profile tyre (touring style) on the front with a 'triangular' (sports style) profile on the rear. vice versa is fine though.
  6. I think I run the same setup as you. Q2 up front and a dunlop touring at the back. I think it works well and I've taken it on the track with no problems. I've seen lots of sports bike riders do this so the tyres wear evenly ie a front tryes last longer than a rear; if you have a soft tyre front and back you'll be replacing the rear twice as often. Having soft front and firm rear evens up the wear...having said that I'll probably get a Q2 on the back this summer:D
  7. how have you found the wear on your front tyre? how long could i9 expect out of the quali rear and q2 front? my riding is mostly sight seeing/adelaide hills medium pace riding.
  8. I’ve done less than 2000kms on the Q2 but its holding up really well. The centre is really firm so touring type riding shouldn’t be a problem. The rear has done close to 8,000 now and still plenty of tread. It should last a while, I’d say more than the other sports tyres (qualifier, Pirellis...) but who knows.