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Mixed emotions...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Macca1983, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Finally after years of wanting a bike I picked up a Suzuki across in April. I have absolutely loved the bike has been awesome to learn on and the practicallity of its "boot" made life easy however I got into a situation a few weeks back where it was safest to just lay the bike down, only got a cracked rib for the experience but my little across got a bit of damage down the left side. Seems that parts for this baby are pretty pricey and it may end up being a write-off.
    Was hoping to keep this girl till I was off my L's and P's before upgrading but looks like fate had other ideas and as such may be in the market for a new bike soon. I'm 28 and had my full car license forever so I should be off my L's whenever and P's 12 months later
    Do get another Across or... do I make the change and get a cruiser, possibly V Star 650?? thoughts?

  2. Sorry to hear about the slide. Consider used parts from a wrecking yard?

    Also just for the edification of any who might learn from it, which situation did you feel it was best to lay down? The bike always stops faster with brakes than by sliding on its side, so those situations are very few and far between, unless you have a semi pull out in front of you and want to try and go under or something along those lines.
  3. try getting something that wont cry when you drop it, chances are you will drop it again. get a motard or something you can thrash and drop and pick up keep going. getting a sports bike with fairings while learning in my mind is just a pain in the arse.
  4. Glad to hear that you are ok.

    V-Star 650's ROCK. :D Not that I'm biased or anything.
  5. glad to hear you'r ok and agree if you can the across back up with bits n pieces why not complete this phase on her.
    As Lazy said, the the 650 is a nice cruiser, comfy and a chick magnet, right Lazy!! :)
  6. Yet to attract any. Looks like marriage has completely ruined the magnetism.

    But hey..who cares when both of us (me & my bike) have so much FUN! :D
  7. a match made in heaven no doubt :)
  8. Glad to hear you're mostly fine, macca. I have the Across too, and am currently contemplating "upgrading" to a V-Star 650 myself. But since there's nothing wrong with my Across at the moment (except for some back pain), I can't justify spending the extra cash for another LAMS bike. So I'm happy to wait another 11 months and 27 days for now and get a non-LAMS cruiser.

    But if I were in your situation, I'd go for the V-Star 650 :)
    Edit: Personal preference, that's all.
  9. The Across is a really popular bike...for parts to be expensive is rather odd. Have you tried Ebaying some of the items? What damage has been done to the bike? If it's just fairing damage, you can make it into an ugly looking naked bike...but at least when you drop it again, you won't damage too much more :).

    I have an Across and parts haven't been too bad...but these are more so for serviceable parts rather than, say an engine cover or a whole carburetor.

    I've ridden mine for 4 years so it's been a good bike :).
  10. however I got into a situation a few weeks back where it was safest to just lay the bike down

    No such thing.
    Jump off the back or front if you have to.
    Ride it into the ground if you have to. Never intentionally lay a bike down
  11. Worked for Rusti. :D
  12. you live in woolongong, is a trailie an option?

    you will learn HEAPS about a bike off road and a modern 4 stroke 250 on the dirt is enough for grouse fun.

    EDIT: you'd want to keep it after your P's.
  13. it sure did, havent seen Shirl since !!
  14. I agree here, it seems anyone that has ridden dirt bikes have a HUGE advantage when they take to the road!!
    whatever your choice is, take your time in getting the basics down pat!!
  15. Depending on what you need VicWreck in Victoria do most Japanese parts at reasonable prices and I believe they ship interstate. Certainly worth a call.

    Bulby: depending on what exactly is casuing the back pain, a cruiser with a more upright position may make it worse. Any jolts transmit more directly to your spine.
  16. The good thing about fixing up a dropped bike with glue, duct tape, and cable ties is you have no fear of dropping it next time :)
  17. for those who are telling me I shouldn't have laid it down, I'll give my justification. First bear in mind that I am still quiet an inexperienced rider. Going around a large round-a-bout and coming out of it this douch in a 4B who obviously didn't see me pulled out nearly clipping me got me all off balance, and honestly a bit scared and confused, hitting the exit ramp of the round-a-bout I found the bike sort of drifting/veering towards the guard rail. Bear in mind there is a 35ft drop on the other side of this rail. I thought hmm, do I want to risk going over??? nope lay the bike over.
    So yes possibly if I was more experienced I may have avoided the situation but I'm not so I deemed that the safest course of action.

    As for the Across is is mostly cosmetic and had decided that if I could get the bike fixed for a reasonable price except the fairings I would attempt a respray myself or pay to respray. This still may be a possibility waiting to hear back from the shop
  18. Isn't that just crashing?
  19. She was at Monday night coffee, and still on her own bike too. Waiting to see her perched on the back of the VStar wearing a leather singlet, high heeled long leather boots and REALLY tight jeans... LOL.
  20. Something I won't find out until I go for a test ride, I guess. Even then, might not find out until I actually go for a long ride.

    Or I can probably try hopping up and down on my chair here at the office :p