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Mittagong to Bathurst via Wombeyan Caves - Road Condition Advice Please

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Paula Bateson, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    Hope anyone can answer me a question about road conditions between the above destinations.

    Whereis Map reference:


    As I am planning our trip in December and this will be the return home part of the trip, I need to know if the road is sealed between Mittagong to Taralga Road. I know the trip from Taralga Road up to Oberon has been sealed.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Wombeyan Caves Rd is not sealed only part of the section from the old hume highway turnoff to about 20km?
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  3. Thanks for that =D
  4. That s OK...I lived on that road for ten years...got me beat why anyone would want to ride a bike on it lol....This side of the Wollondilly river is ok but the other side, going up...ugh. there is a sign at the beginning of the road stating that caravans are advised not to travel on it, but you still get the twits who do...and when you meet them on a skinny, winding, dirt rd with steep drop-offs...well...good luck with it! :)
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  5. From Mittagong, go south through Bundanoon Wingello etc down to Goulburn, then up from Goulburn to Taralga and onto Oberon, all sealed roads and great fun you can use mountain ash road too to stay off the highway
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  6. @waedwe@waedwe forgot about the alternative...is a great ride that way...
  7. Based on your advice, we will find another way around. Thank you!
  8. Thanks for the info, I had the map sorted from Goulburn to Bathurst, but local knowledge is a great source of good advice.
  9. Its been a while but the Goulburn to Wombeyan Caves dirt rd is probably the worst rd I have ever been on,steep off camber corrugated shocker.Seriously scary.
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  10. Thanks for that, hubby was just saying that to me.
  11. I lived in Mittagong the last 12 years up until march, it is a great address for having motorcycle paradise on the doorstep
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  12. Plus for most of the Wombeyan Caves route there is no mobile phone reception: not a nice area if something goes wrong
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  13. was classed as a tourist rd for years but it was taken off last year?
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  14. Have you ever ridden from wee jasper to tumut?
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    No,I don't think I have.The dirt downhill section to the caves is my topper.Its narrow,off camber very steep and badly corrugated to the point where carrying a tiny bit to much speed and needing a tiny bit more braking would have you bouncing off the corrugations into the trees and a big drop.And that was walking pace And that was in a short wheelbase Nissan Patrol in 4 wheel drive.My next favourite was The Bridal Path heading to Hill End from Bathurst.Now closed to cars,you can sneak past the huge rock blocking it if your game enough, on a bike, the bypass is 300mm wide and right on the edge of a very very big drop.I did it in that Nissan,single lane,blind bends no room to pass if another car came so you have to reverse to a wider bit and very very big drops to the river below.Its like one of those horror roads in South America. My favourite bike ride story was coming back to Sydney from the 1st Island GP we decided to do some dirt through the Snowys,so did The Barry Way and Macilips Bridge along The Snowy River,thats 350ks or so.Good fun till it rained,did the last 90ks into Jindabine in 1st gear.We had hundreds of front end slides in the wet clay.Not fun then.That was on the Laverda triple I still own,good on dry dirt,not so much on wet.