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Mitta Mitta to Omeo

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by HASSA, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. can any of our vic peoples give me a heads up on the Omeo highway section from Mitta Mitta to Omeo, is it all sealed yet or have they still got a section to finish off, also a recent road condition report would be handy, thinking of going through there late feb.

  2. As of last year it still had a 30 or so kay section of dirt. Not sure how good it is.

    Best to ring say, the Mobil servo at Omeo or the general store at Mitta to get the good goss.

    Oh, and if you do could you post it here?

  3. my smart other half just got it on google earth and the photos are only a few months old, the dirt section looks good.

    We will be 2 up on a loaded GSX1100EF so have to be careful where we point it, rear wheel steering is not a luxury to be indulged in unless it's just me on the bike, the big bugger gets a tad nervous on the loose stuff
  4. The dirt sections are in good condition and smooth for most of the way. Dust is low in most parts and speed is good 60kph no problems and 100 in some sections. The sealed sections are fantastic. about 30km in total of dirt I think.
  5. It does get slippery when wet, with lots of loose rocks last time I rode. Personally I would not ride it again, but I'd use the Great Alpine Road. It took me 2.5 hours to do the 100km Omeo to Mitta Mitta. I was one up.
  6. thanks people,

    we've decide to try and spend our honeymoon at a joint near Maryborough and tour the Goldfields/western slopes so the alps will have to wait til later in the year after the MotoGP (if there is one........ )
  7. Why wouldn't there be one?
  8. the way that race teams are falling over at the moment the world motorcycle championship may be a face off between Hyosung and Zhongshen.........

    also if they decide to scale down and cut costs the rounds which will be cut first will be the long distance/small market countries.......

    guess who fits both those parameters
  9. Check these out, I think they'll answer the question for you, particularly the highlit part on page 2.

    Its an article from December's Royalauto magazine.


  10. That highlighted bit refers to the road between Angler's Rest which is off the Mitta Mitta road and which goes to Mt Beauty.

    The OP is asking about the road that goes from that point onto Mitta Mitta and which finishes at the Murray Valley Highway on the way to Corryong and Tintaldra.

    The Mt Beauty road should be a pisser. I'm considering that way on our next Annual Bright trip when it's sealed. It will make a good loop. I prefer to ride UP to Hotham from Harrietville rather than riding down from MH to Harrietville. ie. Head down to Bairnsdale, Bruthern, stop at the cafe for lunch in Omeo, then to Angler's Rest (or even stop there for lunch at the Blue Duck) then to Mt Beauty or Bright, then home via Hotham.

    Finally, I liked the author's last comment "it's great in a car - it'll be magnificent on a motorcycle".
  11. thanks muchly for the scans.....

    we did Bright - Omeo - bairnsdale in 03, then up the coast to pambula and back across Brown Mountain and the highway to Tumut, fantastic trip it was too apart from the trawl back across the plains.

    From looking at the brochure a plan is forming for a post GP run.
  12. Hi All,
    Did the ride from Mitta, up to the Falls Ck turn off (Glen Wills), then up the back of Falls, down to Mt Beauty a week before Christmas on my Dakar.
    It was wet, windy and foggy (visibility down to 3m on top of Lockharts Gap). :shock: :(
    If it was dry, it would be achievable on a roadbike, but not recommended.
    Note to all on-roaders - AVIOD the road from Glen Wills up the back of Falls until it is sealed! With all the truck traffic carting rock to do the road up, it's condition is dismal, to say the least. (extremely corrugated, was slush in the wet, reckon it would be a dustbowl in the dry).
    On the upside, will be an awesome run once sealed.
    Happy New Year!
    My resolution; To stay upright!
    Cheers, Pete.