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Mitta Mitta Road (Omeo Highway) Conditions and Fuel

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. I'm heading up to Tintaldra on Friday. It was to be with a group of mates going via Yarra Ranges, Mansfield, Beechworth, etc. But unfortunately I heard news today of a mate's son's passing. So Friday morning I'll be going to the funeral. Following that I'm heading straight to Omeo and up the Omeo Highway via Mitta Mitta, etc.

    Now, I'm told by the Blue Duck hotelier at Angler's Rest that there is 27.7km of dirt. He couldn't tell me the "quality" of it as it pertains to road bikes, and in particular, heavy mothers like my Blackbird. So, I was wondering if anyone here has travelled that road recently, and if so, how is it?

    Also, fuel. It seems that there is no fuel in any of the towns between Omeo and Tintaldra, if the Yellow Pages Online site is any guide. What exactly is in Mitta Mitta, if anything? It appears that I may have to detour back into Tallangatta for fuel, or go through to Corryong and back out to Tintaldra.

    My preference is what gets me to the pub the earliest.

  2. I haven't been on this road recently. We did drive it in 2003 as a reconaissance for a future ride. The first part of the road to the gravel is tight and twisy and hilly-ish (from memory) then you get to the gravel. At that stage even the car was battling with the gravel and even my husband who isn't scared of riding a bike on gravel said it shouldn't be done on a road bike. However I can report that once past the gravel sections the road is absolutely magnificent :grin: broad sweeping curves and nice surface and we keep on saying we must go stay in Tallangatta and just ride up and down that bit of road over and over again!!

    As we were in the car I didn't really notice what there was at Mitta Mitta - we didn't fuel up there or stop so I can't tell you.

    There is talk that one day they will seal that last section - I wish they would hurry up!!

    I hope someone else has been that way more recently to tell you (and me) if it can be done!!
  3. Firstly, thanks for the response. The guy in the Blue Duck couldn't really say whether it's OK for road bikes or not. Whatever, looks like I'll have a half an hour or more of difficult riding ahead of me. I don't particularly like taking bikes like the B'bird off the tar as it's heavy, particularly steering.

    Secondly, I've heard that rumor too, about it being sealed. Certainly, it would mean a quick blast up to Tintaldra for an easy overnighter for us if it ever is.

    Thirdly, yeah, I hope that someone who's done it recently helps out with info. I know that Moike did it coming back from a Snowy ride (Alpine Rally?) but the conditions were winter-like so that's probably not much use to me.

  4. I haven't been there recently, but I have done that road several times on sportbikes with no problems.

    I've been through there on a ZX6R with and without a pillion, a YZF600R, and I have seen a heap of other people go through on all sorts of road bikes, everything from big BMW tourers, to cruisers.

    Take it easy, and you will be fine.

  5. Thanks Ben.

    I don't s'pose you noticed if there's a servo of any kind in Mitta Mitta?

    I have the range to get to Tallangatta. But that's heading in the wrong direction. There's naff all between Tallangatta and Tintaldra unless I detour through Corryong, which will add yet more time. And I don't know what'll be open in the town by the time I get there, either. Dunno if the servo(s) there are open past normal business hours.

    Because I don't know what time I'll be leaving home (it all depends on what happens beforehand), I'm concerned about getting to a servo after 6pm to find it shut. I think that I can make it to Tintaldra from Omeo in one hit, but it'll be pushing it.

    Whatever, I'll give the general store in Mitta a call tomorrow. Thank dtms (now defunct) for its Phonedisc. You can enter in a town's name into the "suburb" field, and get it to search for either all residential or all business entries. You can't do that with Telstra's online phone directory (Yellow or Whitepages.com.au). And I couldn't find any helpful info there. I did it with the PD and it displayed all of Mitta Mitta's businesses. No servo per se, but the general store may have a pump outside. Hopefully...

    If I can fill there, then I'll have the range to get to Tintaldra, then to Tumut on Saturday.
  6. There is fuel in Walwa, but you need to get there before about 5 otherwise the store closes. Walwa is not far from Tintaldra (less than 20kms IIRC).
  7. Like 748girl, we went up there for a whitewater raft trip there and went direct from Omeo to Mitta Mitta direct back in 2004. We weren't aware that it was unsealed and from recollection it was pretty bumpy and rough at times. Lots of twisties and since 2 of us in the car ride bikes, was commenting how good would it be if the road was sealed. When we head off home, we took the long way around to avoid the bumps and unpleasant trip. Haven't heard anything about it being sealed.

    I'd usually go up to Omeo, veer off to Bright, refuel, go up towards Tawonga and Kiewa Highway, and turn right at Redbank rd just after Running Creek and towards Tallangatta. Think you'd be able to make it from Bright to Tintaldra without a problem. Personally if I was rushed for time, I'd take the smoothest way instead of sweating my way through bumpy gravel roads and worried about stones causing holes in radiators or punctured tyres.
  8. I'm really sorry to hear that MJT, sincere condolences to you all :cry:

    I know the guys have been working up that way recently, so it could be sealed now. Will PM you Andrew's number if you want to give him a buzz after 7am.
  9. Thanks. The guy's pretty shook up, understandably.

    It's not sealed, not yet. I spoke to the publican at the Blue Duck at Angler's Rest which is on that road. He said that there's 27.7 km of dirt and if graded is OK.

    I think that I'll take my chances with going that way. It's only half an hour or so out of 5 hrs riding, so it should be bearable.

    If you PM'ed me it's not in my Inbox. I got the email notification, but not the note itself.
  10. Omeo Mitta Mitta road

    I did this on a VFT750 in 2003. It had recently been resurfaced in rock pieces about 1 inch or more (25mm!) in (irregular) size. It required a great deal of concentration and I experienced some, er, unusual cornering lines but I did not fall off. As I could not travel at more than 40 kph it took a while to reach Mitta Mitta!

    I don't think I would recommend it as a 'short cut'!
  11. Re: Omeo Mitta Mitta road

    Me neither.

    When I got to Omeo and filled up, the guy at the servo said that they were resurfacing some sections which were coverered in gravel. Plus the unsealed sections were pretty rough. So, I opted for the "long cut" over Hotham.

    That wasn't that pleasant, either. Aside from riding into the sun, downhill, roasting in the gear the surface was gloppy with tar or something oozing out and making it slipperly in a lot of places. It was hard to pick too, with the sun's reflection off the road.

    Anyway, the trip took me around 5½hrs, from Traralgon, Bairnsdale, Omeo, Hotham, Tawonga Gap, Tallangatta, Tintaldra only stopping for fuel, and a quick bite to eat in Bairnsdale.

    Now, there are rumors of two roads that may be sealed. One's the Licola-Jamieson road. If that happens, that'll be a great run across the top. Second one is the Dargo-Hotham Road. Had it had been sealed, I would have shot up there, probably saving an hour or so.
  12. Glad you made it there and back in one piece :grin:

    Hope you had a great time and didn't have to ride back home with too sore a head :LOL:
  13. Yeah there's fuel at Mitta.

    The dirt bits between there and Omeo are pretty poxy - all the 4x4s make for corrugations - but with the softish suspension on the Bb you would have been OK. I'd have been happy to do it with standard suspenders on my Fireblade but not with the front end firmed up - tracks badly through loose gravel.

    But Mitta to Dartmouth Dam, and to the Murray Valley Highway (either route) is a hoot.
  14. I've heard that the latter part of that road would've been a ball. But I was riding by myself, no mobile coverage, and unsure of how long that route would take me, given the roadworks and unsealed sections. Plus the risk of clashing with log trucks pretty well put me off. I opted for the devil that I knew.

    Cruisin', the first 10 beers after falling off the bike (figuratively), at Tintaldra, went down like liquid gold. The second 10 were merely beautiful.
  15. Sweeeet :wink: :LOL:
  16. Yeah, there's stretches of gravel alternating with tar before you get to Mitta.

    I remember losing both ends on one damp bend in the tar, but both gripped again at the same time. Good old D220s ;-}

    Now there's a magic ride out of Tintaldra via Jingellic, up to Tumut by back roads; not via cop-infested Batlow btw. Couple of hours of pure adrenaline.