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Mitta Mitta 1000 (2016)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Wheres me Boike, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. #1 Wheres me Boike, Feb 21, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2016
    I done the Mitta Mitta 1000 today.
    Here are a few photos of the sights along the way.
    On the road by 5.30am and lots of Roo's about.

    Just west of Yea

    Lake Hume

    Yabba Rd, Tallangatta East

    Yabba Rd

    Mitta Mitta Town Yes, it's pretty small.

    50km south of Mitta Mitta

    Then about 60km south of Omeo I came upon the scene of a motorcycle accident. Rider and Pillion on a Triumph went of the road and tumbled 12 Meters down the embankment. Both a bit cut and bruised but no major injuries. I stayed around for 45mins for the Ambos to arrive


    I done the back roads from Bairnsdale through Calulu, Stockdale, Braigolong, Beverley's Rd, Heyfield and picked up the freeway at Longwarry and back to Melbourne.
    It was an excellent day for riding with lots of Motorcycle Groups everywhere. Max temps = 30C near Bairnsdale, and Lowest was 5C near Yea.
    I got home at 7.30pm with 1056Km's for the days Innings.

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  2. Snap, did that same section on the way back from Bonang yesterday afternoon. It's a good run, never been up there before. Well worth the extra time and kms.
    Outstanding effort WMB. Are the lovely ladies still at the General store in Mitta?
  3. Thanks titustitus I have done these back roads a few times, but I still need the Gps. There are a lot of Right turns, Left turns to remember.

    here's a pic, and the entire route in .GPX
    I didn't go in to see the lady's in Mitta, but they were there last Nov.

    Skip Bairnsdale.JPG

    Attached Files:

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  4. Wise choice to avoid the A1, besides the drone of it, there have been tonnes of road works lately along that stretch.
  5. That's it exactly WMB. It's apparently fairly well known judging by the number of bikes around there yesterday.
  6. Nice run. With plenty of time to see the sights.
  7. Looks like a great ride WMBWMB; fourteen hours on the go, impressive. It's a marvellous thing that so many forum members know how to take a photo like you've done! It seems like on some days half of Netrider is somewhere to the north and east of Melbourne...
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  8. sssssshhhhh .
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  9. Thanks XJ6NXJ6N Re taking photos. You take excellent photos as I remember on an earlier thread. I'm just a weekend hack. Make sure it's on Auto, and hope for the best. Stopping to take photos takes time, and on a ride like this you can find yourself around midday, seeing 6 or 7 hundred km's on the Gps to home, and thinking. shit! I better get cracking.
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  10. fantastic.
  11. Hey Where's me Boike, That looks awesome - I think I'll steal your thunder and put a few of these points on my route to Melb... ;-)

    How much of it was gravel and what were the track/road conditions ?
  12. Hi ValvolineValvoline The Mitta Mitta 1000 has no gravel roads.
    You could take this route below. These are very good roads, with some very scenic and intense riding.
    Tumut Bairnsdale.JPG
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  13. The Omeo Highway from Mitta Mitta to Omeo is one of my favourite roads of all time. So many corners.
  14. I should have put up the map on the first post, and as I cant Edit it now, here's the map.

    Mitta mitta 1000.JPG
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