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miSta's motorcycle accident :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mista, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. hey all. well 1 week and 1 day later i seem to be healing. not sure who knows me, or who cares to know me on here, but i nearly wasn't here to tell the story. :/ (and as i am still quite out of it, i'll keep it simple).

    sat arvo ride ~4pm heading up ansteys hill (adelaide) i went for a ride with my father... overtook 1 car on a straight.... overtook another then lent into a r/h corner and.... welp from then on is GONE from my memory (i hope to remember, but wont hold my breath). seems the 2nd car i passed sped up and shunted me hard causing my tail light and rear pillion seat to snap off and be sent flying onto the other side of the road, meanwhile sending myself off the road in the other direction, into an embankment, launched the bike into a big >> (arrow) sign, flattening it, bike nose dived, i hit the front n got spat off in a big way.... and the car kept goin... did a runner.. the 1st car i passed saw it happen n stopped, then so did my father. i woke (very out of it) to find myself in hospital the next day.

    im very lucky to be here, had severe concussion, severe whiplash... no broken bones (i dont know how) and i had/have short term memory loss (still too). my bike is trashed and the fscker left me for dead.

    i'm coming good slowly but surely.. dosed up on pills n sleeping ALOT.

    for all those that have sent me good wishes n visited... i thank you.

    anyways.. enuf dribble, and more rest time.

    check the pics out :(

    -a still very sore and dazed mista'

    more pics here... http://s185.photobucket.com/albums/x169/mrmista_76/motorcycle accident/

  2. Very bad luck mate.
    Lets hope someone catches up with the homicidal, mange riddled, pox infested ape soon. Glad you're still with us though.
    Ridding as if people are out to get us has just taken on a new meaning.

    Good luck mate.
  3. Thats so messed up.. Glad you're ok though!
  4. get well soon, i hope he gets his karma soon! :twisted:
  5. Shunted :shock:

    Police should be involved.

    Glad you're still here to share mate.
  6. You got rammed? That's f'kin crazy! Heal up mate!
  7. #7 Mickyb V9, Sep 2, 2007
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    . . . . take . . . these broken wings . . . :LOL:

    . . kidding mate
    see here -----> [media=youtube]aWyeVfuolT4[/media]

    Your very lucky dude !

    Thats what bugs me about my accident, I didn't blank out and stayed consious right up to going into surgery. :shock:

    Anyway, heal up, bikes can be fixed and bought !
  8. May you find the c*** and put a lead pipe in his head.

    fcuk, you're lucky, and the perp is a gutless wonder. Any information for the forums? have cops been involved?
  9. Noting the paint scheme on your Kwaka...

    Looks better now, don'tcha reckon?

    That's super gay, dude.
    Try and remember details of that car! Shit, I'd do hypnosis to get that f*&%er busted.

    Definite stabbing and house-burning required.

    Screw karma, ajl. It exists only to justify crappy building code related deaths in India.
  10. Man that sucks big time.

    Did the guy in the car or your dad get the Rego of the fcuker? Or at least what kind of car it was?

    Because you can get the police involved asking for x car of x colour fixing the front bumper bar.

  11. Thats really bad news. Bad enough to crash but to be deliberately hit is something else.
  12. Shit that's a worry. So with the memory loss you don't remember anything of the second car as you passed it?
  13. So far all we know is that it had a complete arsehole in the driver's seat.
  14. Man that is terrible...
    #!@#$!@ drivers !!!

    i hope the cops where called.

    heal up mate
  15. :shock:

    I can't believe they wouldn't stop to see if you're OK. How on earth do people live like this knowing they hit someone and for all they know you could be gone!!

    Very sorry to hear about this, I really hope that bastard gets caught!
  16. Geeez, thank god ur ok. If u ever find him, let us know, and we can help beef up the lynching mob. :grin:
  17. Good on ya Mista...you lived to ride another day....so enjoy your life from here on out to the fullest, just to spite the bastard that tried to finish you.
    Heal well and fast.
  18. thats so insane that they would do that. Talk about overreacting !

    hope you heal well and that guy gets what he deserves
  19. Sorry to hear about the accident man, if you can call it that, sounds like attempted murder :evil: Hope you turn out ok, and get this madman off the roads. If you find out who it is, there is a few who may want to know :wink:
  20. :shock: :shock: I've had vehicles speed up as I tried to overtake occasionally in the car, but never right near a corner... and to be so stubborn/insane as to actually hit you, and then not stop??... that's... eurgh... So glad you're alive. Stick it to the bar$tard and get back riding again ASAP, or something that you really enjoy.

    Keep us informed for how your recovery goes.