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Mistakes - We all make them

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. late last year I help my learner son buy his first mbike. a nice clean mint condition 250 ninja with 5,000kms on the clock, and not so much as a fly shit on it. gleaming bike to be proud of......

    today he called me to say he is 'popping by' after a small ride. I said no problems, I hear a mbike and I walk outside and see a different mbike.

    Honda cbr
    grey import

    can anyone tell me that this makes sense? anyone......
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  2. I think you should be more supportive that your son is out and proud as a honda rider.
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  3. Yeah he went from a 250 that is pretty much a scooter to a 250 that is actually a very capable bike
  4. When was it supposed to make sense ? Is he happy, enjoying his ride and learning all the things you hoped he would ? Sure he is Dad, relax.
  5. The bike looks and sounds sensational. No argument there. Its a 91 model and grey import.....parts available?, fatigue? Just thought that better to get off learners....then get a bruiser of a bike.
  6. Depends. The bike won't be listed on any Honda dealer's EPC. Some places might have a Japanese listing and can if the guy can be bothered to sift through the Japanese script you can get a part number. Then you have to cross your fingers that the part number will be recognised locally, and then hope it's not discontinued. Sometimes it works out, other times I tell people to go to a wrecker.
  7. I know what you mean, your mistake was trying to tell your son what bike he should buy.
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  8. At least he got off a Kawasaki..............he's a wise kid. Kinda like an oracle.
    You should take him out for McDonalds or something really special.

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  9. Correct me if I'm wrong OP - but aren't you the same bloke who's son came back from the Learners course and told you he wasn't ready/comfortable with riding?
  10. yep he quit his learner course on day one......he has come a long way since then. he has done his first track day and wanted a better bike for track days. that's why he bought this 4 cyl Honda relic.

    im sure it was a ball busting icon model in 1991. he should have kept the 'safe' new ninja for the road, and bought this for track only.

    he is gonna do the full on race bike/track day thing full on now. seems an eternity since he walked out on learner day.....
  11. 10 track days on my cbr250rr, oh the memories under & overtaking bigger bikes.......very capable bike.

    Its good for the track (15,000 to 18,000 + rpm all day long - remind him to wear ear plugs!!)but antiquated suspension on Sydney's goat tracks makes it scary at times. Very easy for a porky rider like me to bottom out the front forks even with added preload & heavier weight oil.

    plenty of parts online though
  12. that's good to hear. I want him to be happy of course, but as a 91 model, I hope the frame is not rusting or cracked. that's a lot of years to be hammered by by various people.

    the sound is bloody unbelievable for a 250!!!!
  13. The frame is alloy so worst would be a crack, subframe is steel I believe but easily replaceable
  14. Relax, he'll get the other bike back from impoundment eventually.
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  15. he is stronger minded than me. the 'proper' version of my bike is a Honda VT250 C. made from 93 till 2002. I got the new version, taiwanese copy made by kymco. he would never been seen in public riding a no name brand.

    I could have gotten a Honda version with 50,000kms on the clock, but I chose to go new, but cheap copy instead. in Adelaide they are rare and hens teeth. so I had no choice but to get the cheap copy.

    there is no 'cheap copy' of a 4cyl 250 racing Honda available.
  16. A parent concerned about the bike their child rides. Yep, I can relate to that.

    However, I learned a few years ago that they will do what they do, you can do nothing but offer advice and support. By support, I mean be there to pick them up if it all turns to shit or be there to congratulate them when it turns out alright.
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  17. B12mick. i hear you and i think that youtr advice is valuable. it really made me think.

    its been 4 days since i seen that bike.

    1. headlight suddenly stopped working
    2. 2 front disks and pads ordered from honda, as they are stuffed
    3. new tyres needed

    i will support him and not tell him off. i did worse with my car in the 80's.......a lot worse.
  18. Yep, we look back with hindsight and the advantage of 'been there, done that' and offer them the benefit of our, often hard earned, experience. Do they listen, no of course not. We didn't.

    I live in the hope that my children do as I did and come to realise that their old man was right all along. I was 24 when I realised my dad actually knew what he was talking about. My brother was 35.
  19. we did an oil change on this last weekend. i have to say that i have changed my mind on this mbike. i blipped the throttle and its the first mbike in the 250 range that i have heard, from any brand, that doesnt sound like a victa lawnmower. you ahve to wonder what the racing 6 cylinder version of the 250 sounded like in the 60's......

    i can see that he has really taken to this bike and is taking it to a level that surpises me. i am watching him use this bike on his second track day, on easter monday. i am concerned as a father, but excited for him at the same time.
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