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Mistakes in first year riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by petrovb, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. I had no idea how much there was to learn when I first started riding. I figured that I could ride a bmx, and I 'd been driving manual for years. so I guess I thought i'd have no problems lol, little did I know.. So, after a year of riding, I finally got my red P's and thought I might post up some of the noob mistakes and realisations I made.

    1. Parking your bike with the front wheel facing towards the curb on a steep downward slope is a bad idea. I'd been riding for a few weeks and felt pretty badass, until I did this at my local IGA - backing out was near impossible and incredibly embarrassing LOL.

    2. Properly positioning my helmet. I didn't realise I was doing this until an instructor pointed it out at my P's test, i'm not joking. I repositioned my helmet properly and was amazed at the new level of vision I had... a whole new worrrlllldddd.

    3. U-turns are harder than they look. I avoided doing them for ages until the day before my P's test, which is when I realised that it's actually not that easy. There's nothing like thinking you're awesome with all your fancy gear on your new sports bike, then having people watch you do a 3 point turn that takes forever because you can't do U-turns. I watched a bunch of youtube videos and went out to practice and eventually got it, still got some work to do though.

    4. Bikes are heavy. When I was at a local dealership looking for my first lams bike, the salesman was trying to get me to buy a CBR500R. I loved the bike, but it did feel a bit big and heavy to start out on. I did my research and ended up settling on the Ninja 300. Later on I had an incident where I fell off my bike from braking too hard while turning through an intersection to avoid a taxi heading straight for me. This was the first time I had to pick up my bike (I did it again in my work car park later, thank God for frame sliders) and made me realise how heavy my bike was. I didn't have any problems getting it up (lol) but it's definitely something to keep in mind for my next bike purchase.

    5. Checking tire pressure. This along with cleaning and lubing chains are things that I think can be really easily overlooked. I've known a few people who've never done either, and I actually didn't check my tire pressure for like 6 months and when I did, it was pretty far off.

    I love riding now more than ever and am starting to ride more. I'll surely embarrass myself plenty more times to come as i've realised that I will be learning about bikes forever.

    Feel free to post any of your noob mistakes or realisations too!
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  2. I did the tyre pressure thing now check weekly
  3. I must admit, im still pretty slack with checking tyre pressures.
  4. Quiet on number 1. It's a right of passage for riders to learn that one the hard way.
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  5. Explain what you were doing wrong - I'm confused other than putting it on backwards what else is there that you could get wrong.

    2. Properly positioning my helmet. I didn't realise I was doing this until an instructor pointed it out at my P's test, i'm not joking. I repositioned my helmet properly and was amazed at the new level of vision I had... a whole new worrrlllldddd.
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  6. I'm quite lazy when it comes to some things and one of the first things I look for is how easy/hard it will be to get the bike out of a parking spot. I've never had the issue of it being hard to get the bike out of a parking spot. I also look at how safe the bike is while parked.
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  7. I'm with you on this Senetor17.

    I have seen people so used to 'backing' in to parking spots that I could see the confusion in their eyes when 'backing in' meant pushing the bike up hill.
  8. I just wasn't pulling it down all the way so my lower field of vision was slightly obstructed by my helmet. It's not like I was always doing it, but I did it on that day and was unaware so it's possible i've done it before.
  9. Ok, that's a new one to me. Didn't you notice that the helmet wasn't touching the top of your head....
  10. The CB becomes a complete pig if the pressures drop more than a few pounds I've found. Which is good because I check them weekly now.
  11. Never lubed my chain.
  12. its ok , I never spanked the monkey until I was 12 , you soon get the hang of it
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  13. As a noob a few years ago (25ish) I never lubed my chain or even noticed the adjustement required. On one ride up is tamworth as I was leaving a petrol station after fueling up, the chain jumped off the sprokets and got caught up in the front sprocket cover and between the rear wheel and swingarm. Instantly locked up the rear wheel and and smashed the front sprocket cover which also helt the clutch mechanizm. We repaired some of the damage on the side of the road and I road home using the clutch only when I had to stop in traffic. Learned my lesson the hard way. Now chain gets lubed after every ride or two as soon as I arrive home while it is still hot. Chain adjustment gets checked before every ride along with a check list including tyre pressures. Interestingly, in the two years that I've owned the bike, I've only needed a very minor adjustment on the chain on two occasions.
  14. You do all this every day? I know you are supposed to go through a safety check before every ride, but honestly, I'm too lazy to look over my bike every morning before I take off. I try to check once every week, but even that doesn't always work out.
  15. Nah, I'm too lazy to commute on the bike every day, this is a weekly or fortnightly thing for me, when I take the bike out.
  16. Get used to shelling out $250-$350 every 10000-15000 km for new chain and sprockets then.
  17. And don't forget to add to that. An unlubed chain creates more froction and drag so you use more fuel and get less performance. Why wouldn't you look after your bike properly? Remember never to buy a used bike from Nedec.
  18. And plus the ride is very unpleasant with lumps, bumps and vibrations in the dying phase of the chains life.
  19. Yeah, that too.
  20. I don't floss either.
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