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mistake of the stump

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. ok ok ok

    3 years ago i found a homless cat eating rotten garbage in my back yard. i named him homer and have been feeding him ever since.

    homer was miss treated by humans and wouldnt come near me. all i ever really got to see of him was his balls as he ran off from his ungrounded fear of me.

    he's pretty ugly but started grooming himself and moved out of the sewer which made for some improvement. he became happier too.

    when i moved house i couldnt stand the thought of him starving to death so i set a trap on sat night.

    the next day was the first time i saw him in daylight and he is BEAUT-IF-FUL! a russian blue burmese.

    my friends and i stood before the cage and made a positive ID based on his unique feet and neck.

    come sunday, homer escaped his room and got under my bed. my friends arrived to help fish him out. when i followed them into the homer's room i found him on my friends lap getting a pat.

    WAIT A MINUTE! no way! this cant be right. homer is borderline ferral.

    on closer inspection i notice homer doesnt have any balls and has a vadge instead. we got the wrong cat! we kidnapped somebody's cat and it doesnt have a tag or chip. i named her church after the cat in pet cemetary.

    i am certain i have been feeding church and homer for ages but didnt realize i was feeding 2 cats.

    now im REALLY screwed! i cant have 3 cats! homer in my bedroom, church in the spare room and tippy shaking in the kitchen cupoard? that's not right.

    my friends took church [my sister will keep her nxt week if we cant find owners] and i set a trap for the real homer last night.


    anywho, i guess it worked out for the best. if church hadnt have been caught first i wouldnt av known she exists [i may have wondered what happened to homers feet].

    any cat tales?
  2. Well, wouldnt the solution be to take the cat you kidnapped back and let her go?
  3. :worthlesspics:

    oh my!!!! i just asked to see stumps puss........ i think i just bit my tongue
  4. I had a PB Russian Blue once. He used to bash up every dog in the street and that was with his balls removed!
    Fantstic with people though.
    He came to a sad end on Fathers Day 95. We had been out and got home at night and as usual "Puss" (original but kids named him) heard the car come around the corner a couple of streets away and sat at the start of the driveway......... For some reason this tie he didnt move and I ran over him.
    We had done this 1000 times and he stood there to make sure it was me then step out of the way to greet me when I parked.

    So, I ran over my cat on fathers day inmy own driveway. Happy fathers day!!!!!!
  5. That was a pissa Stump. :LOL:
  6. the new Stump...

  7. And I thought Micky was the "new stump"...

    Too soon??? Mick would've laughed...
  8. You bludger, Pete, I've been biting my tongue on THAT for a couple of days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :LOL:
  9. lol

    How did you "trap" the cats???

    I have visions of ingenious and rudimentary mechanical devices... or was it just the old box propped up on a stick with food under it and a string attached? :)
  10. Where is the catnapping jokes?
  11. dirty trix wrote

    we couldnt do that because this was the cat i had been feeding. there was no one to feed her on seville st. we had to do a letter box drop and put posters up. we had decided shes been lost for a while because she resembles a lost cat in some ways.

    Blodders wrote

    oh my!!!! i just asked to see stumps puss........ i think i just bit my tongue


    2 wheelsagain.tut tut tut!

    Incorrigible Poster

    absolutely! we got a good laugh out of it. was not worthy of a thread with out the mistake. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: u and i have the same sense of humor.

    the new Stump...

    that's soooo funny triway! when i had just 1 cat my friends called me 'cat lady'.


    pete the freak
    well, im laughing. micky might, i dunno.


    everyones biting their bloody tongue! lifes too short for that crap eh!


    it was ingenious. no stick involved. u have to see the set up to believe it.

    so, who wants to see my other puss?
  12. ahhh the wonder of Bumper Stickers...


    :p i had to post it ok... :p
  13. Cool!

  14. upd8,

    it turns out that 'church' [the grey beautiful cat] has a home.

    the owner walked passed my notice 4 TIMES before he called me!

    my friends nick and shu who were looking after the cat and i told him off for not having any id on the cat.

    i wasnt at nick and shus house when he picked the cat up but when he called to confirm it was his cat i said "look, i was nailed in an accident years ago and im in a lot of pain. it was difficult for me to do a mail box run and get those posters up, you have to ID your cat, if not for you, for those who dont know where she came from or where she's going."

    we told him the truth about how we ended up with his cat and figured there were 2 lost cats to find a home for.

    when i commented on how horrible it must have been for the family to not know where their cat is, he said it wasnt a problem, no one really stressed over it.

    i tell you this........


    2morrow night, nick and shu will take a pic of the REAL homeless cat for me to post,

    u guys r gunna call me blind stump! hey! i only saw him in the dark.
  15. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Sorry stump- I guess this is serious (but it is a serious hoot too! :LOL: )

    Give in to the joys of being a nutty 'cat lady'! ( I have!)

    A girl can NEVER have enough cats! :grin: :cool:
  16. This makes me so angry Jax, if they weren't really stressed then did they really miss him?

    Hope they appreciate all the effort involved in getting him back to them :evil:
  17. BM wrote
    hey! its funny as! nick, shu and i were pissing ourselves laughing when we realized the cat didnt have any balls!

    they were upset when the guy picked her up. they have 2 beautiful cats already but i have a feeling they wanted to keep her.

    cruising angle wrote

    no word of thanks has been heard yet.

    they have my cat carrier. i told em to leave it out the front so i can pick it b4 the end of next week. he was concerned it may get stollen. that was the only concern mentioned. i said 'its a cat box, if it gets stollen it's no big loss'.
  18. So what about the death-predicting cat in the states then?

    Our Jiro was most upset when the KTM got pinched- it was his favourite perch for keeping an eye on his Kingdom.
  19. dont know what ya talking about [sorry, i dont open all my emails]

    oh wait! thats the cat that sat next to people in the home the day of their death. tippy predicts something with me [every time!] but its too rude to mention.

    pants you need a bird bath like young tipp has over here. tis perfect for keeping an eye on the kingdom, it even works when im not home.

    i hope chairman is doing better these days
    btw, here's the real homer


    kidding of course, real pic coming soon.

    THANX JEFF! i have tears of laughter in my eyes! why r the cat ones so funny?

  20. Musta been the same way I trapped a mongrel ginger that was blueing with our cat - I borrowed a possum trap, coated the trigger with Whiskas then waited til morning. No noise at night so i figured he didn't get sprung but come morning, there was the horrible thing - all agro and attitude. Took it to the pound and let them deal with it. If the owner - whoever that was - was anxious about it they had a place to find it.

    Hey Stump, I've had two Russian Blues - both inherited from a sister who likes cats but is hopeless at caring for them. Poor buggers. They're a great cat but ya gotta keep their oral health in check as they can get bad infections in the gob. Only thing is ya gotta make sure they get along with the dog - cat we have now bosses the pup around so all good :p