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NSW Missing speed hump sign

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Netterhead1, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. hey netriders,

    the other day on the way to wrk i pulled into a side street that was in a terrible state and hit a speed hump that was unsigned causing me to come off the bike. (its a nasty speed hump, plus gravel plus front brake doh). anyway there werent any hump signs and the hump blends into the road. i want to know who i should contact about having the road swept of loose gravel, have the speed hump marked/painted and signed.

    the road is as far as i can determine unnamed. i'll have a look and see if i can find a business on the road that can tell me the name. its in the centre of the map below, the one that continues from lawrence hargrave road. its in warwick farm nsw.


    everybodies favourites game spot the speed hump

  2. That'll be your local council. I've got a mate who works in the "putting in roundabouts and speedhumps in response to resident complaints, and then fielding a metric shitload of complaints about the roundabouts and speedhumps" department.

    Seriously though, it's a bit of a worry if you can't stay on your bike over a speedhump... You can stand on your pegs with your hands off the bars and go over speedhumps and most bikes have no issue at all with it.
  3. And it wouldn't surprise me that after you call the council you'll find it's a privately created/maintained road. Looks like a large piece of land was purchased and then sectioned of for resale with the land owner creating the road to be able to access the businesses within.
  4. i didnt see it until it was under my front wheel and i reacted the wrong way. i did stand on the pegs only to find them slide out from under me. but thanks for the info
  5. Just to clarify, ot was your reaction which caused you to come off cause speed humps don't make anyone come off. If you have the bike upright, regardless of whether you are sitting or standing, how on earth did you still manage to come off?

  6. +1, I agree with Mouth on this one as well it looks to me like a private road as well.
  7. there is a AS that dictates the size of a speed hump, before it is to be considered a "speed hump" and it is proportional to the speed zoning in the area. this AS also states what kind of warning signs are required, eg. a sign, retroflective paint etc.
    that also looks to be within the electrical delivery corridor. could possibly be their asset, and not that of the surrounding businesses.
    either way, you issue is with them, and not the council as such.
    they are definitely liable, irrespective of your inability to stay upright on a speed pimple :p :p
    and, of course, if you attempt action against the owner/maintainer, they will tell you it is a water course for erosion control ;)
  8. Cmon Netterhead - 'fess up mate! you were in a back street, saw there was no traffic and decided to give it a spurt didnt ya??!!!

    Bet that hump gave you the bloody shock of your life :shock: while you were peering down at your speedo as it nudged 100...

    I say you lick your wounds and cop it like a man! :p
  9. fair enough. i wasnt going as slow as i should have been considering the gravel. i dont think i saw the speed hump before i hit it. ive been trying to figure out exactly why i came down and made the assumption that i saw it and jumped on the brakes. on reconsidering i think it was more likely that i was slowing down as where i work is around that corner just beyond the speed hump turning right. so im not 100% but i think i was slowing down and didnt see it at all. the only thing i know for sure is that i was riding along and then was thinking wtf as the bike is lying on the ground in front of me and there is a speed bump behind me.

    im normally more careful on gravel but i was tired and in a rush.

    lesson learnt

    joel as far as liability i know that i was not paying enough attention to the road condition so i have no desire to seek anything more than a sign so that others dont hit it as hard as i did.

    has anybody tried to do what im trying to do and had any luck?
  10. Are you riding with your eyes open, or are you using the force?

    It's always easier to blame someone or something else. Simple fact is, you stuffed up.
  11. Take it like a man.

    You cocked up.
  12. i cocked up
  13. Getting arousals from falling off your bike is wrong Nutterhead :D

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  14. Local councill mate.

    If i were you, take legal action, Get 3 quotes and have a solicitor write up a letter informing the council that they have been negligent causing damage, that you wont seek damages so long as the damage done to your bike is paid. Its not a bribe, its an out of court settlement, pwn them :p
  15. lol at damage to my bike. i'll give you $20 if you can tell me what was caused by that drop and what was already scratched. i dont know if somebody will give me a quote damage to bike is under $50 really. exhaust was already scratched. fairings were scratched and cracked. i dont have the time to do any of that at the moment any way.
  16. Hi All,

    I was wondering was there any rules/laws regarding the placement of speed bumps. Yesterday at work I noticed that as part of extending a car park (where the motorcycle parking is), they have decided to place a large speed bump right at the entrance of the car parks.

    Is this not dangerous for bikes? It is a 90° left hand turn into the car park, and you hit this speed bump while banking over during the turn. It was my understanding that you can't place speed bumps on turns or at intersections for this reason.

    When I asked about this I was told this speed bum was to protect pedestrians??? and that there was no issue with placing it at this location.

    Am I wrong and have nothing to worry about, or will this be a hazard when this is painted up and wet from rain? any advice much appreciated.
  17. Is it public, privately owned, and is it open to the public or only employees?
    If it's the last category it may be a health and safety issue.
  18. There's probably guidelines in the councils development plans, but they wouldn't be law.

    Also, if it's in a car park, then they probably wouldn't apply. Not sure what you mean by "at" the entrance.
  19. #19 smileedude, Feb 13, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2014

    Sounds no different to a lot of entrances to car parks. And if this is the turn from the main street then there would be a lot of pedestrians crossing it and it would need people to slow down on entry.

    If you are banking into a turn for a driveway you are going in way too fast. Slow down enough so that you steer with your handlebars without any lean. You should be doing this at any intersection 90 degree turn. Too much oil and muck around these parts to risk much lean.

    At a place I frequent for work there is a 90 degree turn off an 80km/h road and there is a cattle grid at the entrance. I've nearly dropped it in the wet going dead straight over this, if I take it at any angle even in the dry I am rooted.

    There is this kind of stuff everywhere and if you crash on it it is nobodies fault but your own. You should be well and truly expecting it and it is your job as a single track vehicle operator to be mindful for this sort of stuff.
  20. @smileedude, that is a very good point. Never thought about it that way, I am in control of what I do on the bike, not for how they set up the entrances to car parks. I will make sure I am upright going in there for sure! Thanks for the reply.