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Missing my bike :(

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jo Jo, May 19, 2010.

  1. I've just moved to QLD, and had to sell my baby over in Perth before I left. She was a ZZR250. I rode a lot with PerthRiders and a bit with PSB, I found both of them excellent ways to meet new people when I arrived over there.

    I'm working in Brisbane, but currently living down in Nerang on the Gold Coast.

    I'm waiting for some decisions to be made at work first, and then I'll hopefully be looking to get a new bike here :) In the meantime though, I'm happy to pillion if someone wants to take me!

  2. Welcome jo jo, pretty good move, gold coast is awesome and your a stones throw from the mountains, excellent riding up there, cant wait to get up there again, u also have cheap bike rental up there to
  3. Welcome Jo Jo, hopefully someone will volunteer to take you on the run next Sunday :)
  4. Hi Jo Jo, Sorry I cant help you with the pillioning, but I do feel for you without a bike. I was without one for 6 weeks earlier this year and it just about killed me. Great fun though when you finally do get to buy another one. Will you be getting the same sort of bike?
  5. Hi there!
    Good luck finding someone to pillion with in the mean time before you buy your next bike.
  6. HiDee HooDee & Welcome.
    If the cold frogs are to be believed you've moved to the land of year round motorcycling so that has to be a good thing, down side for the minute though is being sans bike. Take your mind off that a little and think of the adventure of getting another one; the only thing that provides more joy than test riding a dozen different bikes is owning the one that screamed your name.
  7. Hi Jo Jo and welcome to Netrider. Haven't ridden around your parts but from what's said in here and what I've read elsewhere, you have some magnificent roads for riding.
    Hope you manage to get back on a bike soon :)