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Missing fork nut - Help!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Iondah, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. My shiny Yamaha SRX250 is missing the fastening nut that holds the front wheel onto the fork, and I have no idea what to buy to replace it.

    So I have some questions...

    *How can I measure it so I know what nut to get? I know it's partner fits in a 17mm socket, that's all.

    *Is this going to be a nut with a hole the whole way through, or one of those cap kind of ones?

    *If I ride the bike in this condition will the front wheel fall off?

    If there is any way of solving this problem without having to take the front wheel off and pull out the bolt that goes through the hub I'd really like to know about it.
  2. call the wreckers, ask if they have the nut for your model bike (or similar).

    you may have to buy the bolt and nut but it shouldnt make you bankrupt ;)

    failing that, rip the bolt out with bike on centrestand and move the wheel as little as possible (brakes should nearly hold it in place) and dont forget to chock under the motor. then take the bolt to a motorbike shop and get a suitable nut. when you get back home simply thread the bolt back through, do her up, put in the split-pin and bobs your uncle.
  3. Ummm....deep breath...

    Is it the missing nut the one that goes on the long bolt (let's call it the wheel axle) that runs from one fork to the other OR is it some other nut BECAUSE...

    Not all bikes have a wheel axle nut. Instead the fork has a thread and there's a clamping nut (on the non-threaded fork) that ensures that the axle bolt can't work loose accidentally.

    My bike (also a Yamaha) doesn't have a nut at all - could you be searching for something that was never there?