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Missed my first service (500km) - warranty void?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by MadAzz300, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. I couldn't get to my 500km first service due to a punctured back tyre (not game enough to travel long distance with a plugged tyre).

    So, I got it was replaced today, and I called up the dealership to book in for next weekend. He asked me how many k's on the bike (890km) and he told me the warranty is now void because I went over the 500km first service.

    Is it that easy to void a 24 month warranty? Is there anything I can do if it is?

    - Lee

  2. I doubt that they can avoid the warranty that easily, although you did not comply with the terms of the warranty and thereby left yourself vulnerable. Drop a line to the principle of the business explaining the situation and get a written response first,thats what I would do anyway. Others may see it differently.
  3. I work in a company that supplies power tools. Last year we were informed that on top of the regular warranties, a new law was passed (consumer side), so we had to work 24/7 to label every product in our warehouse with this:

    Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

    This is Australia wide for all petrol and electric goods. I wonder if I do have a major failure, I can use this as a reference?
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  4. dude i thikn that guy's just being a wanker.
    i'm quite often late (a few thousand km) getting my truck serviced and they've never said boo. 400km the guy's an ass
  5. It could depend on what is prescribed for the first service....

    The Ape had valve clearance inspection/adjustment on first service - then not until 24,000kms.........thing is, if you miss this at the first interval then throw a valve somewhere between 1,000kms and 24,000kms you are not under warranty.

    Your service manual should have a table in it with what is inspected/adjusted at the first interval.
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  6. You can use it as a reference, but remember there are obligations by you to be considered. Ie if you knowingly do something that can be seen to contribute to a failure in the product you may well not be protected by that law. At this point it would seem that you are the one that has not complied with the manufacturers maintenance requirements, so as I said, talk to the owner/manager and get a definitive answer before you go off half cocked.
  7. My thoughts exactly T.F. .. I'm going to contact Sachs directly on Mon to get clarification.

    Bitsar, the mechanic there said something about doing the tappets, and the same for yours - clearance inspection/adjustment. I don't have a service manual for the bike, only an owners manual which does not go into much detail. I'll see if i can download the right one

    I let him know last weekend what my Km's were and he said that's fine - bring it in when you can. Nothing was said about the warranty being void if I put more km's on the bike. I'll just see what the outcome is on Mon and go from there... if something does happen in the mean time, the motor's not that expensive to replace.
  8. yeah i had another think about that...

    OP have i got this right?
    you passed 500km, didn't bother with the service, blew the tyre (presumably around the current ODO reading) then tried to book it in when it was replaced?

    what were you doing that last 390km?
  9. T.F. I booked in for a service, then blew the tyre (I posted here on the 5th to see if there was any mobile tyre fitters), cancelled my service with explanation and ODO reading.

    Spent a week and a bit trying to find the right size tyre (120/70-16 but ended up getting 120/80-16 - sourced from Balmain Motorcycles and posted to the motorcycle wreckers near me), all the while travelling back and forth to work -180+ kms a week for 2 weeks- as I have no other way to get there.

    I only got the new tyre fitted this morning.
  10. Not all services in the book are "mandatory".
    My maintenance schedule has all sorts of services in it but some are flagged as "recommended" but not compulsory in order to keep the warranty.
  11. perhaps it's clear as day and i'm just particularly dense today, but you start by saying you cancelled teh service because you didn't want to ride with a plugged tyre, then continue by saying you kept riding to work up until you could get the plugged tyre replaced.

    either way, bitsar raises a valid point which i didn't think of, depending on teh requirements of the first service you could have stitched yourself up. i say don't panic just yet, talk to sachs AU asap
  12. Well don't lose sight of the fact that you missed the service, no one else. You created this situation by your own actions, so go see if you can fix it, good luck.
  13. Sorry if my logic for riding back and forth to work doesnt make sense (kms wise) but if I did have issues I could walk my bike home through side streets.

    I'll leave it at that anyway.

    Thanks again.
  14. A new motor is $400 on those, so if the worse comes to it just buy that and flutter your eyelashes to get a guy to change it.
  15. If it is void, then don't hand over your coin just to have them change the oil etc, do it yourself, or get a mate who's competent enough to do it for you. The tappets on that thing are surely damn easy to check.
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  17. get the service done, get the book stamped, fight it out later if you have a problem.
  18. !st service is only filter and oil. Plus a complete check over of parts and fittings.
    Mightn't sound much but it is considered one of the most important after the first major.
    Your between a rock and a hard place.
    Myself I would personally go in and talk to the service manager, throw your self at his feet and beg for mercy.
    If you ring the importer of Sack first. I'm betting your warranty is void.
    How ya off for a new helmet or jacket. That might sway mr service manager.
    If you want to go the long route and nit pick then all warrenty on your motor will be void. Electrics and fitting will still have to be covered
  19. I'm getting the service done this Sat irregardless, and will talk to the service manager about the warranty. As Vertical C said, the motor is cheap enough to replace if there are major issues in the future.

    What's done is done. I'll know better when I eventually get a new bike.