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Missed it by that much

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Doch, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Evening all. I'm gunna dump my little stooooory on you guys 'cause if I tell The Minister for War and Finance she might revoke my grant for a two wheel license and associated benifits

    Ive been riding for 15 months now on ye olde gpx and today I got my first big scare. I always thought I was very aware of whats going on around me.
    I was cruising up Gratten St Carlton just crossed over Lygon st when I noticed a tin top stopped in the left lane, no indicators, the brake lights go out and it starts to cruise off, no probs, then without warning or indicators it starts doing a u-turn right in front of me, I hit the horn, grab a hand full of front brake, the old girl dives and somehow pulls to the right the driver stops the car and I manage to miss the front bumper by inches I think.
    I know a miss is good as a mile but it got me thinking, when the faeces hits the vertical impellar all that stuff that was drummed into me the day I went for my full license about emergency stopping and swerving went out the window, or the back of my pants.

    Me thinks me has been baptised.

  2. Never assume they can't see you.... assume they can see you and they want to kill you.
    Well done on surviving... the 'car that plays dead then tries to kill you' is one of the most deadly adversaries of all.
  3. Ya as my friend with a 300zx correctly points out when I remind him my future zx6r will smoke him - he'll just have to run me over :LOL:
  4. It will most likely be of no surprise to most, but I have had more than one taxi do the same thing to me. It's one of the 'oldest trick in the book' type things. I'm just glad that they're not trying to think of too many new ways to kill us.

    Glad to hear you missed out on becoming another victim of these cold blooded killers. :wink:
  5. And remeber... random unchecked U-turns are a bit dangerous, but 5km/h over the limit is OUTRIGHT SUICIDE!! More police!!!! More cameras!!!
  6. Jeez you're naive - don't you know that performing a random U-turn without looking is perfectly safe? After all, there's no-one who might get seriously injured by someone performing a random U-turn without warning ...
    sorry, what? Buy curse? What the hell does that mean? ... As I was saying, random U-turns pose no danger to anyone of any importance.

    So - who thinks I'm ready for a job in the Bracks government?
  7. I hope you got off abused them and made them extremly apologetic, so as to prevent them from doing it again at a later date? :shock:
  8. I sure woulda had angry words for that inidividual.

    A friend of mine wrote his Corolla off doing that. He didn't look, made the turn, and some poor lady in a Camry cleaned him up.

    Learnt his lesson.
  9. Ha ha ha ha, I'll live by that now!!!
  10. Yep I'm another that likes these words.
  11. Good on you for missing the car. I'm yet to have my first near-miss but I'm another one to live by the adage that yes, they are all out to kill me :shock: Never trust any cage....
  12. Hey HG would that make it a possum cage
  13. for your sake ughboots i hope yours is a near miss too