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Missed call from TAC?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fa1c0n, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. So my parents had a missed call from the TAC looking for me.

    Only thing I can think of was I got hit on the bike 2 years ago while still living at home? I didn't get any money from the TAC but did let them know about the accident.

    What did the TAC want from me?

  2. Survey.

    When they call back you never speed and you ride safest when the TAC sends out free chocolate to motorcyclists.
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  3. Wow, have you been spying on me? You know me exactly!
  4. Survey is the most likely, but there is also a possibility that your accident qualifies for inclusion in a study they are doing. It's believed to be fairly legit.
  5. Dunno.

    I've had a couple of calls in the last few months that felt very like some scam.

    A lady, with a very foreign accent....Dog knows I should criticise:) .... claiming to be from the RTA.

    Very vague....somebody there had accident in the last few months?

    That the first call was at 7.00pm on a Saturday evening made me fairly confident that it was a scam.
  6. Maybe the RTA outsourcing their call centre activities to the cheapest bidder from Lahore?

  7. Mum said that he was very short. "Hi it's X from the Transport Accident Commition, is X there?" and when she said no he doesn't live here anymore he just said "Ok Thanks" and hung up, didn't ask for a different number or anything?

    This was at like 8pm last night?
  8. Its a survey. They called me too, but I havent spoken with them.
  9. Good to know.

    Did they call you last night/this week?
  11. You are so funny! :p
  12. No, it was last week. The timing was bad, either dinner, or putting my son to bed etc, so I didn't end up speaking with them.
    They may have called this week, but I wouldn't know.
  13. survey.... i speed 80% of the time and they wont catch me and i wont crash..... i wonder how that will be taken? I doubt they will portray it as "he only speeds in remote areas where we dont bother policing cause we wouldn't see enough vehicles to have an impact, and he wont crash cause speeding can be safe in the right time and place"
  14. So he had the same name as you? Do you even algebra bro?

    On a more serious note, I'm of the mind that answering TAC surveys is a no-win situation, so tell them to bugger off.