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Miss Thailand's cockpit

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by tonee, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. she has really long fingers. musical fingers - like piano or cello.
  2. awesome :D
  3. Insert mile high club joke here....
  4. Her name is Chananp0rn Rosjan.

    My inner Beavis is making giggling noises.
  5. Brains & beauty, not bad.
  6. My inner Beavis is doing something disgusting.

    Is it just me, or are there really about a dozen things in that report that just don't sound right? Silly jokes aside, I'm going to put it down to poor journalism and English as a second language, but I kept waiting for a punchline about her getting an erection.
  7. Or a joke about her nearly crashing the plane and having to report a near miss.
  8. How long before [MENTION=27413]Nickers330[/MENTION] changes companies? :p :LOL:
  9. 2 weeks :p he just filled out a job application? hehe
  10. Freakishly long. Not my type at all.
    I like chicks with small hands, they make it look bigger. :grin:
  11. Do you need all the help you can get...? :p
  12. Application's in already, mate !
    Daayeeeeem !!!!!

  13. LOL you said cock
  14. I was at a function and met a gorgeous Thai model, she approached me and we got talking, then she said to me "it's normal to get an erection" nerviously I denied it and told her "I don't have one". She replied "No not you, I have one"
  15. thread needs more pics:


  16. Damn! I'd do anything to be even the Second Officer on that Flight Deck above ! I'd put away her Jeppesen Charts and more ! She's definitely a looker !
    Smitten, Nickers is :D
  17. Bet the captain gets confused which is the yoke