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Miss Suzuki from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kim 77, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Hey there,
    Just recently joined and thought I'd say hello.
    Been riding since I was 5. Bought my first road bike just over a year ago, a GSXR600. So different then the trail bikes i was use too.
    I'm a single gal from the Hawkesbury area who is always up for a ride and don't know many people that ride and am keen to see the sights.

  2. let me ride it :p
  3. Welcome!

    I am sure you will find NetRider full of interesting people and interesting opinions!

  4. Firstly Welcome.
    Ask questions when you need answers, and reply to questions you know the answer to. That is what makes this community sweet.

    Oh, we also talk a lot of crap too :p :grin:

  5. Well, HE DOES :LOL:.

    Welcome, Kim :).
  6. Damn been outed again! :p

  7. welcome kim 77
    you will find this forum interesting lol

  8. velcom. let us know what part of sydney, so we can keep you inthe loop with rides and spanner days etc.
  9. welcome to netrider......................sydneysiders now have 4 and maybe 5 regular "coffee" meets on various days throughout sydney.

    friendly people that mostly will try to help where possible
    fill in ya profile and let us all know where you are from and join us.

    South west ............somewhere in the distance
    East at randwick monday nights
    North at Terry Hills alternate wed nights
    West at Rouse Hill on Sat arvos

    (and a rumoured one in the sutherland shire)

    Will you get this welcome thread beyond 11 pages as Lowercase did???????

    The challenge has been thrown out :LOL: :LOL: give it a go!!!!

  10. welcome kim

    jeff you had to do it didn't you :?
  11. Hey Kim welcome aboard, Nice Bike by the way and snazzy Blue plate :wink:
  12. Hi there Kim
    Now jeffatav has thrown you a challenge !!!! lowercase is Holly who you met last Sunday on the Pink Ribbon at last count she was up to 12 pages.

    See you Sunday .... better have your GSXR tuned so you can try to keep up :p :biker:
  13. GSXR Ready

    Don't worry the GSXR is ready to go. And I know the way. You don't.lol
    See you sunday
  14. Although I don't know the way I bet you lunch that I beat you there [-o<
  15. Haha your funny

    I thought you were buying lunch anyway. But I bet you get lost on the way. And just remember who your smoking partner is. You'll wait for me.
  16. Haha Yeah maybe I will
  17. i know you will.
    We'll see on Sunday
  18. Welcome from another Kim.

    Glad to see you joined up after meeting us all last Sunday.

    Not that I like to see a woman win or anything....but....whip his shiny new butt. :LOL: :p :LOL:

    Hope to see you & the girls again soon.

    Ride safe.
  19. Hey Kim
    You's all seemed so nice on sunday.

    And I'll try.
    Might see you next week at the fiddler
  20. That's just how we are...we have a pretty good community going & watch out for each other.

    Be good to see you there. We park round the back near the kiddies play area. Then wonder on thru to the courtyard - you can't miss us.