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Miss my bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davidp1984, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. My bike has now been in the mechanics for 2 weeks now. It was only supposed to be in there for 2 days. To top it off, the weather has been pretty good while it has been out of service.

    I know I sound like a little b17ch but I miss my bike. :(

  2. 1 ) Go to your local hardware store
    2 ) Buy bag of cement
    3 ) go and buy a cup from some store like Harris Scarfe or Kmart
    4 ) Mix 1 cup cement with water in cup
    5 ) Take cup of concrete and harden the **** up :p
  3. maybe the solution is to buy a 2nd bike to ride when your primary is in the shop?
  4. Whats wrong with it??, cmon 2 weeks... what bike shop?
  5. I like the idea of a second bike but my missus shuts me down the second I mention anything to do with $$$$.

    I dont really want to name and shame the mechanics because they generally been good and they have given me a really good price.

    $350 to do full service on bike, replace fork seals, fix electrical problem with sidestand and fan, try and fix an elusive electrical problem (reason for extended time) and go over the bike because I bought it about 2 weeks before it brokedown.

  6. See word in bold. Therein lies your problem. Its up to you how you solve it. :p
  7. Should of thought about that before asking re what mechanic, but seriously 2 weeks.:shock:

    it would of been worth paying more to get the use of the bike sooner!!
  8. go read my thread! my god.

    got the bike on 20/05/09, broke down on the 20/05, mechanics on the 21st, got it back on the 03/06, broke down on the 04/06 got it back on the 05/06 broke down on the 06/06. so yeah, had the bike for almost three weeks, only taken it on a few rides, most less than 20k :(

    fcuking sucks.
  9. What sort of bike is it?

    And you're not shaming the mechanics, there might be a good reason as to why it's taking so long.
  10. a very simple question.
    have you called to ask. yes you did mention that the mystery was the reason so i presume you have spoken to them. mystery problems can take a 'very' long time to find and the bike may be sidelined while other work that is known is performed on other bikes until someone has nothing to do and will sit down with your bike to 'figure it out'.
    with the overworked society we live in people tend to gravitate towards the easier and known aspects of there work as they feel they are getting somewhere, where as your bike may have em stumped..
  11. they could just be each taking it for a spin to "test" it until they each can figure it out? i thinks it would have been better spent on a runing bike than repairing it
  12. Yeah I would pay more for the bike to be finished if it was a known problem, but because its unknown I dont want to pay extra and it still takes the same amount of time.

    It's a 98 Hornet 600... It is intermittently starting and randomly cutting out, thats another reason why I'm not rushing them, I dont want my bike cutting out mid turn.

    A few times they thought that they found the issue but it still cuts out.

    Yeah the bike has been sidelined here and there (which they never hid from me) since like you mentioned, my bike has them stumped.

    I just keep thinking (knowing mechanics) they will hit me with a higher price then quoted due to hours work, which I wouldn't mind if my bike was a priority in there workshop, but it wasn't.
  13. thems the brakes sometimes. if it turns out they spend a heap of time on it they may charge you more.
    unfortunately these days there is no such thing as a 'fixed price' quote. im sure they'll sort it out and do their best not to rob you.
    you can always have them do the other stuff and take it alsewhere for the mystery fault but you do run the risk of paying more without even trying then.
    just be cool.
  14. Yeah, your right. I'm happy so far with service and I expect to be happy with the job aswell (hopefully :LOL: ).

    I don't have it as bad as shady_knife though :LOL: , I'm not really stressing about it, just hanging to get back out.

    I feel your pain
  16. So whats your bike in for?
  17. insurance jobie.

    Droped it goin 10ks/hr around a courner in the wet.

    still waiting to get parts back from the painter who got flooded out in the rains....and had to go through the whole insurance thing as well....


    And now I twisted my ankle rescuing a sexy female lingerie model from certain death ( A.K.A playing touch football ) and can not change gears on a bike even if i had mine back
  18. Think you should just sit and home and 'mediatate' about the lingire models.
    Otherwise you won't be able to ride again at this rate.
  19. as least you have a sexy model to look after you while you get better...poor geeeth...no model at his place
  20. Lucky you specified female :LOL:

    I picked up my bike yesterday... they said that they replaced the run switch as that was what was causing the bike to cut off.... I barely got it out of 1st gear before it broke down, so I have no idea how long its going to be... SIGH! :(