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Miss Dj's First BIG Ride :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Miss_dj, May 12, 2006.

  1. Ok Peeps,

    Well i am now here in good old Canberra... yeah what a joke lol
    I have never experienced such discomfort in my life!!! :nopity:

    The ride was hard, but it didnt stop there.... Oh no
    Riding past the Kusiosko National Snowfields and i swear i now have frostbite!!! :eek:hno:

    Im seriously dreading the ride home... :oops:
    Apart from that, i haven't seen my family for 6 months and they all say im looking "healthy" ... yeah thats the nice way of saying "damn girl, you're a big mumma" heheh its all good though....

    Ok well does anyone have any COMFORT tips for riding back home???
    My neck and hips are in a LOT of pain...
    ANy suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

    Luv Jamie xxx
  2. big mumma?? slap them for me.. or get them new guide dogs.. seriously..

    as for comfort on long rides.. remember i told you to have alot of stops? well on a 250 with a small seat, every hour isnt out of the question...
    also, i find that moving around on the bike helps me stay in the saddle longer.. move back towards the pillion seat.. toes on the pegs.. arches on the pegs.. stretch your legs out in front.. but stop, take your helmet off, walk around for a bit.. and have some water or something.

    or.. you could tie a pillow to your arse.. either or :D:D:D
  3. :LOL: good old families... you know my mum always gives me this look, everytime i she sees me, and she says the same thing (and means the same thing)
    Dont take it to heart :) if I did, id assume 35kg was optimal weight :shock:

    Wear winter gloves. and your super cool netrider neckwarmer ;)
    Get hold of thermals if you can (rays outdoors or simmilar).
    Move around on the bike, take your feet off the pegs and swing them around a bit, stand on the pegs and stretch your calves, move around in the seat - closer and further away from the tank, roll your shoulders. You can move alot on a bike just use your imagination :)

    Also when you stop for fuel/smoke take the time to really stretch, have a drink sit down, move around... take at least 10 mins out to relax.

    hope it helps & safe trip home :)
  4. Take up smoking. A nicotine addiction will encourage more rest stops. Most of the pain you are suffering is due to maintaining the same body position for long periods of time without a chance to stretch. Either smoke or rest more often. By rest I don't mean have a sleep but get off the bike and move around stretching and moving your legs, arms, back and neck.

    For the cold, you may need winter gloves. A good tip is when you break, swing your arms and legs (not at the same time) back and forwards with the limb extended straight. The centrifigal force generated by the swinging motion encourages blood flow to the fingers and toes, making them feel warmer and recucing the chance of frost bite (I do this regurarly when skiing).

    By hips do you mean the fleshy bit above the bone. You have two possibile fixes. You could buy a kidney belt to provide more support, or soften your rear suspension to give a more cushioned but less responsive ride. :)
  5. I can offer to massage your numb bum.

    Not that I know anything about massage but hey, i'm a typical male :grin:
  6. but not only will he massage ur bum... but if u have a male rider he'll do his for free.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    calm down now vic..... :wink:
  7. Check out a ski or outdoor shop and see if they have anything like the below, should help keep you a little warmer.

    latex gloves, thin cotton gloves could also help you keep a little warmer as well as thicker gloves but you start loosing 'feel' with each layer.

    Lycra shorts help with then numb bum especially if they have a chammy (padded crotch for cyclists) in them.

    But even then 250cc bikes are fairly unforgiving on long trips due to relatively poor suspension, High RPMs and being lighter they are a little more susceptable to cross winds extra making it more draining to hold a line.

    main thing is to rest as often as you need to even stop overnight if need be. It takes quite a long time to build up to Iron Butt levels of endurance but first you need to make sure you make this trip.
  8. Man, thats it. It's over between you and I. You are nothing but a bloody dibber dobber :p:p
  9. Arthritis gloves also work wonders under your riding gloves.

    They are no subsitute for proper winter gloves though.
  10. you crazy kid i can imagine it would suck riding that far on a 250 with the constant high reving, i hope you're wearing ear plugs.

    get some heated grips installed while you're there, or go matt's hothands option.. you do have a neckwarmer on i assume, they are awesome.

    i picked up my waterproof overpants and neck warmer yesterday at rays outdoors, combined with my heated grips i'm now the ultimate bike pussy. :grin:
  11. 1. stop every tank of fuel ( 200 k's) at the start and near the end of the trip 100k's.
    2. Postie pants , they cost about $15-20 at work cloths places , yakka stores etc.
    They are not the fashion , but they cut out all wind , and thus keeping your legs warm and if you get a big enough pair to come up over your kidneys as well.

    3. A newspaper under the leathers , along the chest , helps keep heat in and cold out .
    newspaper is not a a permable membrane so open it at the centre lay it on your chest and zip the leathers back up .
    if you think I am joking remember when they used to wrap chips in news paper ?
    Bikers have been doing it for years when tempretures drop.

    4. keep your fluids up.

    5. when you stop , get a coffee or hot chocalate , warm yourself and sit in the servo and drink it .

    6. on the freeway , music or little radio ( if you can ride without it distracting you) is allways helps the trip go quicker.
    even if its a crap station , it beats the droning of the exshaust.
  12. Aches and pains could mean that you are too tense. Relax!
  13. G'day Jamie, just got back from Bright so I know what you mean about cold. I bought a ski balaclava and wildcountry ski thermal pants from Rays, ($60) and a pair of Blizzard wet weather pants from Aussie Disposals ($40) the thermals are skin tight stuff so they fitted under my helmet and Draggin jeans without being too tight and the Blizzard pants are lined and have zips pockets and zip overs for your boots.... Stopping for a pee was a pain in the bum, but I was bloody warm, Oh yeah, I use thin thermal gloves under my gloves to keep my pinkies warm.

    Two long sleeve T's and a thin jumper under my Dririder Nordic jacket and I was toasty.......

    Glens thing with the newspapers..... it works..... haven't done it for over 20yrs, but it was good cause it gave you something to read when you stopped.

    Enjoy the trip back, nearly forgot I use a sheepy hollow seat cover on long trips.. Looks pussy butt it's comfy...
  14. sheepskin cover - good call!
  15. I think every suggestion has been said so good luck with the trip back and even tho i assume you'd be used to boredom (Coming from canberra and all) try to do things to amuse yourself it can keep you mind off the long trip ahead.
  16. Nomex undergarments rock! I am thinking of buying a nomex balaclava to wear under my helmet in the mornings, normal balaclavas are too bulky.
    As for aches and pains, they have been well addressed above, maybe a back brace could help if you are having hip issues?

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Hey all,

    Thanks so much for the tips...
    I listened to my IPOD on the way but i think th e battery is stuffed as it only lasted just over 2 hours :mad: out of a 7-8 hour trip!!!

    Will definately take up some of those ides for the cold and the padding for my poor ass hehehe...
    Ill give you an update when i get back home...

    As for the following...


    hehehe smartass

    Secondly Vic,

    another smartass :p

    DOnt make me b!tch slap both your ass's! hahahaha :wink:
    Ciao ciao

  18. :dance: \:D/

    I think she likes me :grin:
  19. Yeah that's pure love there Vic :wink:
    The threats of violence is the grown up way of picking on the kid that u like :LOL:
  20. It's a wog thing ;) trust me :cool:

    Oh, and please learn to snip and not quote entire messages.