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Miss Dj is upgrading in 4 months - FINALLY!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Miss_dj, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Ok Kids,

    Those of you that know me, know that i have had some, how can i say...
    hiccups with my licence... :oops:
    Anyway, after a lengthy conversation with vicroads, i found out that regardless of my 6 month suspension (due to take effect just after the MotoGP :wink: ) i still get to upgrade in Feb!!! Woohoooooooo

    Just had to share my excitement with the rest of you...

    Now... to start looking at my next machine :?

  2. :LOL:

    So you'll be upgrading to have the pleasure of staring at it in
    the garage for the next 3yrs until you get ya license back :p
  3. So ya gonna get a real bike then are ya.. :p

    Lets see, ZX14, ZX12R are the first that come to mind.. :LOL:
  4. So you have had trouble holding on to your licence on a 250, and now you are upgrading...
    jamie... Good luck to ya :grin:
  5. Hmmmm, ER6 maybe? GSXR750?
  6. Turbo busa.
  7. Get a 'spare' licence interstate somewhere. My Tassie licence started while they were processing the paperwork for my suspension in NSW.

    To da man I say.... f%#k you very much.

    Remember, they can't stop you doing track days.
  8. congrats jamie.. i think you should upgrade toa 50Cc scooter, its the only way to keep your licence in tact.

    BTW - reply to my SMs's.. we should catch up for coffee.
  9. Clearly it's the GT650 for you, right? :p
  10. Gixxers, oohh gixxers, join us jamie , you know you want to...

    one of us ,one of us,one of us,.....

    Kate :twisted:
  11. No way bagging you.
    But what you have described above shows how silly the concept of restrictions are.
    If the idea that you need 12 months experience is mandatory prior to a larger bike.
    How does time in a suspension not count suspend that requirement as well?
    Might as well have one licence, pass and ride what you like.
    But then there wouldn't be a stream of revenue to be made by scores of new riders i suppose!
  12. Good news Jamie. What size Gixxer will it be?
  13. Get a harley, it's the only way you will keep your license for more than 5 minutes! :LOL: :LOL:
  14. No she will be buying a Kwaka.. :p
  15. Conga Rats.... :cool:
    Now you do have my number when you get the next ticket :p ???
  16. As long as she gets rid of that horrid exhaust!! :LOL: (zx10r 08)
  17. I have to agree with you there Pilot.. :grin:
  18. I know what shes getting :-$ its a secret :wink: Congrats kiddo.. sux that we wont have our licenses together!

    But Jamie, ill still own ya on the street. :p
  19. Hahaha lol...

    Ive been thinking that because my self control for a new sexy beast would be impossible, i know if it was there i would ride it.. Knowing the luck (or lack thereof) that ive had, i might wait until Feb to buy it...

    Hahahaha the day i have to resort to buying a 50cc scooter is the day i die :shock: :LOL:
    Also, yes i have replied you slacker... Ill call you soon :wink:

    Hahahah yep - Stored and saved in my phone ready to go :LOL:

    You wish my friend :p Lol nah who knows... My head is in a spin...
    (doesnt take much hahaha)

    Hmmmm - now i cant remember which one i told you :? :LOL:
    It kinds changes week by week lol

    Anyway i cant be bothered replying to you all but yeah, the saga has started... Oh oh and Loz, how did you know it was the GT650??? :rofl:

    One last thing, pro-pilot, your post kind of confused me?
    Were you meaning to say that restrictions are a waste of time?

  20. Jamie, what's on the short list.... ooops, no pun intended... lol... seriously, what bikes are on the short list? Are you willing to share, or haven't you decided yet?