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Miss DJ in hostibal

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AshR1, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Just letting people know that Miss DJ had a big off on saturday.

    I don't know all the details but was a cagers fault and she ended up in hospital etc.

    So letting her know that we're thinking of her and hope for a speedy recovery.

    BT Tigger went to see her today and said she's in good spirits.

    So I'll leave it at that and someone will no doubt update with details as they come to light :)

    Get better quick Miss DJ
  2. not good at all - hope she recoveres soon
  3. oh.... heal up quickly jamie, hope the injuries aren't to serious :?
  4. Pass on all the best for a full and speedy recovery
  5. Thats not good news -

    Hope Jamie is okay and out in time for christmas.
  6. ouch, pass on some good Hornet wishes, please :).
  7. Saturday or Sunday?? I saw her at about 2pm on Sat and she was talking about going for a ride on Sunday. Which hospital is she in??
  8. Please pass on my best to Jamie and let me know if I can help with anything
  9. Poor Jamie. Hope this isn't too bad.
  10. A little more detail for Ash's post.

    Jamie was heading down out towards Eltham saturday evening about 7:30pm when a mature woman (60+) pulled out of a driveway to turn right across her path. This resulted in a near head on collision, Jamie went flying about 30m and the bike about 20m. She remained conscious the whole time but suffered some bad lacerations to her knees which might require skin grafts. The damage to her knees appears to be from impact as the horny jeans she had on showed no sign of damage.

    She is at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and is more than happy to have visitors. She's in good spirits and already thinking about what bike she would like next. Yes the bike is no more, impact was that hard it tore the bike in two at the headstem.

  11. Damn.. that's not good news.
    Wishing You a quick recovery Jamie
  12. I just got back from visiting her. She's feeling it now, but she still smiles that infectious smile that she has! Tough chicky babe for sure.

    She will hopefully be home on Boxing day, time will tell. While I was there the physio arrived, OUCH thank god she had visitors!

    I believe a ltr bike may be on the horizon. Good to see that she is a biker at heart! :cool:

    EDIT: From what she said they will know in 2 weeks whether she needs a graft. The op was to clean and close this time as they are hoping the skin is still tight enough to stretch accross and take.
  13. Poor little thing :( never good having someone you know hurt.

    (was going to say I didn't know where she was but that was just updated.)
  14. thats a long way to fly!!!! wish you a speedy recovery.

    If anyone want to organise a visit I would love to tag along
  15. Especially without wings
  16. Jamie, you must be one of the most efficient gixxer-destroying forces known to mankind. I won't come in to see you 'coz I'm crook and I doubt you need to be wheeling your sorry arse to the crapper every six minutes, but here's sending you much love and big healing vibes.
  17. arrggh girl, you are always getting into trouble! :p :(
    i'd come visit if i could :(
    heal quick, i hope you're back on before me :grin:
  18. Get better soon girl! only thing thats worse than hospital food is hospital food on xmas day! :shock:

    Kate xx
  19. Munro!!!!!

    Guess a trip to Tassie is now out of the Question.

    Blue14, we'll need a new victim :p

    Heal up quick chic. Might pop in for a visit if I get a spare hour.
  20. I just spoke to Jamie and she's in good spirits, as most people are with enough morphine. :)

    To save constant calls asking the same question, for anyone wanting to see her she's on the 3rd floor, South West, Room 331. :)