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Miscalculated the weather today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BIWOZ, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Just a nice, quiet Sunday "ride" with missus on the back. Knew it was going to be warm-ish, so put the neck coolers on and the Draggin' jeans, rather than the full riding pants.

    Went to Fremantle, had lunch at Cicerello's. (Saw a sh!tload of bikes on the way there and back.)

    Then, after lunch, walking back to the bike, suddenly realised I felt a whole lot hotter than I should have. (Max today was only a bee's willy over 35!) Started back up the coast and the wind was like a hairdryer on full blast. By the time we hit Hillarys Marina, I knew I'd overdone it. My judgment was off and my riding getting a bit raggedy. However, only a couple of (quiet) kays from there until home.

    Pulled into the garage and divested my riding gear -- I was soaking wet underneath. Ditto with helmet. Di tells me she feels the same, says she's "never felt so hot on the bike" -- and we've been out in 40 degree heat!

    Inside, aircon on, 6 good sized glasses of cold water down my neck and just collapsed in a chair, totally whacked. Took us both a good 30 minutes to start feeling human again.

    Conclusion: Should have stopped and bought another bottle of water or ... better yet ... taken water with us -- which we always do -- except, for some reason, not today.
  2. You always carry water with you? Do you pee before you leave?

  3. Yes ..... Yes :dance:
  4. anyone know what a pillion thinks of the rider wearing a camelbak?
  5. Hasn't been a problem for me and my wife at all. We went up to Kosciusko from Melbourne a few weeks ago and were both wearing them with no issues at all.

    Unless she (or he :shock: ) is really all over you, it shouldn't get in the way at all.

    Butz. :beer:
  6. My g/f's never complained, it actually helps keep her on her own seat instead of slipping onto mine :p
    And yes, that has happened too... brings you closer as a couple :LOL:
  7. good to know thanks
  8. Those mangy camle back spouts - ewww.
  9. Errm ... I just freeze a couple of bottles of water in the fridge, wrap 'em in a teatowel and chuck 'em in the Ventura bag. Longer trips = bigger bottles. \:D/