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Misano MotoGP Preview

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by [FLUX], Aug 30, 2007.

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    Didn't I give Brno a chance? Didn't I, against the lessons of history being kicked into our skull, take sides with optimism and state that the Czech race might be interesting? Something might happen? But did it? Did it hell. It was the 'sleepy Kimi meets tired Dani' of MotoGP races.

    So if you're thinking I'm gonna write a splendid preview with loads of optimistic gags in a general upbeat mood then you're set to be disappointed. Instead, let's slag off the track.

    Why Misano? Two reasons. Firstly it'll give the greasy Italians another excuse to leave the safety of their mother's womb and watch the final chapter of the demise of their Rossi. No more titles and no more money.
    Secondly it's a great Italian tax con. Eat your heart out Rossi. By running the Misano track backwards (which is exactly what they're gonna do) it's classed as a new circuit and therefore some sort of tax exemption from the EU or European Sports Council can be fiddled. Everyone's a winner.

    Now the riders. Will the Michelin riders ever stop crying their Ducati-red eyes out about their tyres? Casey Stoner, despite looking like a married 12 year old (perfectly legal in Oz - providing the man is able to still perform*), has been outstanding. Easily the best rider and everyone just has to accept it.
    But how do his Michelin shod rivals accept this? With raw onion soaked eyes - that's how. Never mind that positions two and three in the championship are Michelin runners…no…every fault in the known universe is suddenly Michelin and their big fat tyre man's fault.

    Did we hear such epic sulking from the Michelin boys a few seasons ago when they had the good tyres whilst brown-stain Shinners had the blow-outs? Did we hear such Biaggi-ness at the beginning of this season when the new rules were introduced and the Michelin riders still thought they'd have a significant advantage? No. So stop crying about it now.

    Okay, I'm out of here. Be sure to watch the San Marino** race as there's a sneaky chance it'll be good as I'm away at a foreign wedding and won't get to see the event. I'll try taping it but, if it's a good race, I'll tape it wrong and get some crappy gardening program.
    Gareth will be taking on the MotoGP review…so expect a barrage of pro-two-stroke references and general hatred to landlords. You've been warned.

    * Get drunk and knock his wife around a little.
    ** San Marino: Italy's excuse to get more sporting events
  2. Maybe the race might be exciting this time around, all things considered about the track?

    Hmmm, front pack dueling.
  3. and it is absolutely pouring down...125 QP is delayed. There is a new river in Misano, across the circuit.
  4. LOL, the pit garages are flooded! And really flooded, millions of dollars of bikes on stands, so they don't get wet!
  5. Wow, it really is flooded!
  6. Haha, Westy said he hoped it rained so everyone else didn't get more time on the circuit than him.

    Does anyone know why he was getting an hour less time on the circuit to start with?
  7. I don't know if he had less time than them, I actually thought he was miffed that his track knowledge as the only rider to have raced their would be nullified by the extra 15m session given to the riders in the morning.
  8. Nah, listen to his interview, he says he's getting an hour less on the track than the others :?