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misaligned Handle bars

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pil, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. So as the post says the bars dont line up with the front whell when its straight. Its one of those ruber mounted into the triple things that I have never seen so im thinking that could be something to do with it. I have undone the bar mounts to see how far out they are and if I can push/beat it into submission and the underside of the trile where the bolts come out the right bolt is way out of alignment when the bars actually look straight to the eye. Bit stumped so looking for ideas any info would be helpful. Pil

  2. Is it possible the bikes has had a spill and the bars etc are bent, I am only assuming it's not new the bike has history :?:
  3. Im customizing the bike so the bars are brand new. I even thought that they new ones could be bent because the old ones didnt look bad. Im lost for now will think it through tomorrow
  4. From the side of the bike - look up and down the fork legs.

    Are they inline with each other all the way up and down? It's important that you find a position from which to look that doesn't require you to move your head, just your eyes.

    You can test the bars by removing them and placing them on a flat surface. Lie them face down and on their "back". Are all the bends parallel or at the same angle to each other, on each side of the bars?

    Look especially when the bar ends are down flat, that the central, clamping are is level/flat on the surface also.


    Trevor G
  5. dont know about your bike, but I have noticed on mine the triple clamp is not straight either ... but the handle bars are not bent, and if they are, not enough to notice.
  6. If you mean: "not pointing straight ahead" then that means that the forks are misaligned. If you look up and down the legs from the side you will see that one leg will move forward or behind the other, as you look from top to bottom. Try just the front or rear edge of the forks at a time.

    It is easily fixed: loosen the top clamps slightly (usually just a pinch bolt grips the top of the fork leg) and twist the bars back in the correct direction while holding the front wheel between your legs/knees. You usually have to go past "correct" to allow for the natural springiness of the steel.

    Once straight (push the forks up and down several times to help check the alignment) retighten the pinch bolts.


    Trevor G