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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by flashfire, May 12, 2005.

  1. I ride a Honda Spada. The mirrors are too wide, and are at the same height as most car mirrors, making lanesplitting more tricky than needs be.

    Question: are most of the aftermarket mirrors sold at shops universal, or do I need to get something specifically to fit a Spada?

    Question: any recommendations? Not wanting to spend too much $. My headlight and tacho housing are black, as are the current mirrors - would it be an expensive exercise to change this stuff to brushed chrome or something similar? Do I need a sound knowledge of mechanics to make the changes myself, or will the instruction leaflet and a screwdriver suffice?

    Edited to highlight main point of post (rather than seemingly evident subtext of "teach me how to lanesplit") :)
  2. ride on flat tyres - should drop you a few centimetres - grip will improve as well - might kill the rims though.
  3. Why do we clip car mirrors I ask, WHY???????????????? *reckons it's wide enough.............CLIP.........oh sh#t* :LOL:
  4. heheh - being a female rider has proven advantageous when clipping mirrors so far. I do a "whoops, I'm sorry" type thing and smile. All good. :) I've only clipped at very low speeds too. Would rather not clip at all.
  5. Bike mirrors are your "whiskers"
  6. My whiskers need trimming :)

    *patiently waits for questions to be addressed*
  7. When you get to a point lanesplitting and it's only your mirrors stopping you, just lean your bike. One mirror will go high and the other low... should be able to scoot through then. Works for me.
  8. Thanks gecko - I currently do that, but even still there are many situations where leaning the bike is not quite enough and "CLIP"!
  9. Don't change the mirrors

    They are your eyes on a hostile world. Most people complain that their mirrors are too close and all they can see is their elbows, but if you can limit your lane exposure and keep your wider view to the rear and side you will be a safer little camper (and save some money too!)
  10. Re: Don't change the mirrors

    Noted. Thank you.

    Now, with that in mind, are aftermarket mirrors universal, or do I need brand specific?
  11. depends on the mirror you want... some can be made to fit a model, or others are universal... so I think the answer is yes.. you can buy multi-fit mirrors...
  12. when getting into some serious lanesplitting you can always fold them back ....... oh and think thin

    :LOL: :p :LOL:
  13. I personally think that if your mirrors on a bike as small as a spada are giving you grief while lane splitting, then maybe you are attempting to lane split between traffic where it is inappropriate.

    As has already been mentioned the most common fault with a lot of mirrors is that all you can see is your elbows, and if you put mirrors on that don't reach out as far as the current pair that is what you will achieve.

    If your mirrors are handlebar mounted you could simply try moving the mounts/levers inwards a couple of centimetres and test before you go ahead and buy different mirrors.
  14. Can't see what the size of my bike has to do with it.... My bf has split to the front on his CBR250RR and I'm stuck in the middle 10 cars back!

    Thanks for your help guys.
  15. being a previous owner of a Honda Spada, I can tell you that your mirrors are a universal size (at the point where they screw into the handle bars) the ones you can buy at eg. Peter Stevens will just screw right in. or you could just modify them in a vice ;) hope this helps a little!
  16. *hugs MrNinja*

    Thanks :) Exactly the kind of answer I was looking for. Much appreciated. :)
  17. Universal. I had to replace them when some bastard stole one of them off the spada. And again when I snapped it off in a low speed drop.

    Forget the screwdriver, you need a monkey wrench to do it :) Piss of piece, and it's about $20 a mirror, including the stem. Just a nut that hooks it in.

    Though I would advise keeping the mirrors where they are for lane splitting.

    It's better to have them a little wider than the bike (I do have saddle bags on the back). Best guide to know if you can fit by, and if it's close you can lean a little.

    You can get the mirrors in different heights though, with same width.