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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by voyager, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. Hi all,

    the mirrors on my XV250 don't allow me to see much of anything apart from my own shoulders - I think I need them up higher. Anyone know of a third-party mirror-stalk or something I can use ?

  2. most bikes (250's) have that problem , even some of the bigger bikes
    I just learnt to look under my arms , by lifting the elbows .
  3. try riding an nsr.
    the mirrors will only look at yr shoulders.
  4. Had the same problem with my ninja . All i saw was my elbows , any time i needed to see behind me i had to move my elbow . But the mirrors on the bird r ace . perfect veiwing. And u being 6'5 wont be helping.
  5. Jaysus, if you have trouble with those, don't even consider a Kawasaki :p They're complete shite! Only part of the bike that is, mind you.

    Shutup Dave.
  6. I've been trying to see what (if anything) is coming up behind me - so far, nothing. At the moment I'd settle for ONE of them working right! I've tried adjusting the mounting bracket, but that was only good for astronomy.
  7. Reckon those lil convex round stick on mirrors would help?

    I've put them on mine, but I'm still getting used to them.... Not sure if I like them or not, but they do help with what's right beside you when your neck warmer restricts the distance your head can turn.
  8. I've got the little convex mirrors

    I've tried these out and do not think they assist too much. Maybe I put them on the wrong edge (inside part where all I normally see is my shoulders). It takes a bit more eye adjustment to focus on them (not just a quick glance).
  9. Those bar mirrors look the goods to me - does anyone know where you can get them from ?
  10. ring brian at bikemart and ask him , also tell him your a netrider .

  11. tsk tsk tsk tsk!!

    You should have full free movement of your head to be able to see as much as possible.
    I'd be ditching the neck warmer if it restricted my view.

    My jacket's shoulder armour stopped me from doing head checks properly so I took them out.
  12. totally agree. anything that restricts your view or moement should be ditched.

    that includes clothing :)
  13. The netrider neckwarmers don't restrict you :wink:
  14. Oihhhhh...watchchit....Kaz
    nothing wrong with the mirrors on my Kwaka ZX750F
    which is why I get stuck up the front as ride leader....... :shock:
    (as you know)
  15. Welcome to the forum & on which rides do you lead as I've never met you?
  16. ...ta
    ol'time Netrider member (been lurkin' here yonks, post rarely)
    I belong to the Australian Kawasaki Sportsbike Riders Club (as does MissZZR, the luvverly Karen), and of late I seem to have been 'nominated' to organize and lead a few of their rides here in Vic....
    hence the quip 'bout mirrors...... :p
    btw the 'yoda' sig came from the KSRC boys too
  17. Ok maybe I'll catch you at coffee one night!
  18. Well, to complete this particular saga...

    When the bike was being fixed (indicators) I had them fit a set of aftermarket mirrors to it - a little wider and lower. Now I can get enough of a view behind me to be safe.

    So for the staggering cost of $40- for the pair, this one is sorted.

    Stay tuned for the next installment in the Technical Difficulties series...
  19. ismith.. can u pm me? we have a mysterious noise in our zx9..