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Mirrors with LED indicators/running lights

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by 1600Nomad, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. I have these hooked up as running lights, cannot get a straight answer if they are legal (as running lights) I still have the stock indicator for signalling

  2. Facing forward like that they should be fine , I do not foresee you having any issues

    This is the legislation


    National Transport Commission (Road Transport Legislation ***8212; Vehicle Standards) Regulations 2006

    Part 8
    Division 19

    Division 19 Other lights, reflectors, rear marking plates or signals

    118 Other lights and reflectors

    (1) In this rule:

    exempt vehicle means:

    (a) a police vehicle; or

    (b) an emergency vehicle; or

    (c) a transport enforcement vehicle; or

    (d) an Australian Protective Service vehicle; or

    (e) an Australian Customs Service vehicle; or

    (f) an Airservices Australia vehicle.

    special use vehicle means:

    (a) a vehicle built or fitted for use in hazardous situations on a road; or

    (b) a vehicle, or combination, that because of its dimensions is permitted to be driven on a road only in accordance with a notice or permit issued under a law of this jurisdiction; or

    (c) a vehicle built or fitted to accompany a vehicle, or combination, mentioned in paragraph (b); or

    (d) a bus fitted, before July 1999, with a sign telling road users that the bus carries children.

    Examples of special use vehicles to which paragraph (a) applies

    1. Tow trucks.

    2. Vehicle breakdown service vehicles.

    (2) A vehicle may be fitted with any light or reflector not mentioned in the Vehicle Standards.

    (3) However, unless subrule (4) applies, a vehicle must not display:

    (a) a light that flashes; or

    (b) a light or reflector that:

    (i) shows a red light to the front; or

    (ii) shows a white light to the rear; or

    (iii) is shaped or located in a way that reduces the effectiveness of a light or reflector that is required to be fitted to the vehicle under the Vehicle Standards.

    (4) Despite any requirement of a third edition ADR, an exempt vehicle may be fitted with any light or reflector, and a special use vehicle may be fitted with 1 or more flashing yellow lights.
  3. Thanks for that, good to know Cheers
  4. As you're in Victoria, it's been pointed out to me that the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009 applies to you. It has the additional clause

    In practice, that means you'll likely need to make a written submission to VicRoads.

    I called VicRoads' Road safety information service on 1300 360 745 when looking for permission to install running lights. The lady was pleasant enough, but I will advise you not to get your hopes up.
  5. Must be time to move state, simple straight answer seems to much to ask, why is it so difficult, oh yeah that want us to wear hi-vis vests instead of running lights
  6. I think you'll get a straight answer if you call. It just won't be the one you want.
  7. sadly I agree, what disturbs me is depending is what day it is and who you speak with depends on the answer
  8. Hook them up to your indicators or put a switch in (that is accessible) and claim they are fog lights. Fog lights are supposed to give you vision in fog but you might be able to claim they are there to allow you to be seen in fog.
  9. actually that is very valid, they would be great in the fog!
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    How state and federal laws interact

    In Australia there are both federal laws covering everyone, and local laws covering people in a particular state or territory.
    Some state or territory laws cover areas where there is no Federal law or their laws can be in line with federal law. If there is a clash between federal and state or territory laws, the federal law overrides them.


    The Australian Constitution of 1901 established a federal system of government, under which powers are distributed between the federal government and the states. It defined exclusive powers (investing the federal government with the exclusive power to make laws on matters such as trade and commerce, taxation, defence, external affairs, and immigration and citizenship) and concurrent powers (where both tiers of government are able to enact laws). The states and territories have independent legislative power in all matters not specifically assigned to the federal government. Where there is any inconsistency between federal and state or territory laws, federal laws prevail. Federal laws apply to the whole of Australia.


    source : http://www.dfat.gov.au/facts/legal_system.html

    The states do not define the Australian Design Rules in respect to vehicles this is done by the Federal Government to provide a consistency across the country:
  11. Yeah, nah. They'll get you on positioning and ADR compliance.

    From my conversations with them, they don't readily give out permission for lights without a compelling (written) case. They're wary of the car modders lighting themselves up like xmas trees under the pretense of safety (undercar lighting, LED everywhere) for that fully sik look as they cruise Lygon St. The country analogue, I suppose, would be the country boys' V8 utes with shed-loads of spotties and truck running lights.
  12. I pointed that out.

    The argument was that there is no direct contradiction. There is, however, a qualification which applies to vehicles to be deemed compliant in Victoria by the registering body. It was also pointed out that the clause you state was interpreted (by them) to apply to additional lights such as amber flashers, not LEDs, christmas lights, flashlights, illuminated Santas or whatever else people want to bolt on to their vehicles.

    I was also pointed to the ADR clause
    and told that modification of a vehicle outside of the ADR is not the done thing if one wants it to be registerable.

    IANAL, so I left it at that. You may well have a case if you want to take it to court. I, personally, couldn't be fagged as it wasn't that big a deal for me.
  13. at the end of the day simple running lights, not to open another can of worms but them what the guy i brought them from can be taken to task unless i mount them to my fridge?
  14. He has them hooked up as running lights not flashers

    hence they do not flash and are not in contradiction of the ADR regulations

    under the federal legislation if they do not flash and do not show red to the front and are not considered as required for type approval then they are legal
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  16. There is a section in the RSV Regs for running lights. I went down that path myself. They must be white, ADR approved and fitted according to spec. I wasn't going to spend a buck fifty on DRLs and rewire my headlights to comply withthe relevant regs, so I abandoned it at that point. I was hoping to get by with eBay LEDs and some SCA wiring and switches.

    I'm not arguing their case, just saying what I ran into going down the same path.
  17. He can sell what he likes. Onus is on you to comply with the regs for your vehicle to be compliant.
  18. There's a reg that fog lights need to be below the height of the low beam. Kills that idea.
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    Modifications Guide

    Source :http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/NR/r...mber8Guidetomodificationsformotorvehicles.pdf

    Lighting modifications.JPG

    Now the "standards" are defined as

    All vehicles in Victoria must conform to construction standards to ensure vehicles provide drivers and passengers with a minimum level of safety. The construction standards are contained in the Vehicle Standards Information Sheets.
    To find the standard you need select the corresponding number to the information sheet you request.
    These standards are complemented by the Australian Design Rules.


    Source :TOP OF PAGE http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home...ndAccessories/VehicleStandardsInformaiton.htm
  20. Are those mirrors even big enough to be ADR compliant?