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mirrors turned in on gixxer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mikey_mikestar, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. saw a gixxer on victoria pde near vic market yesturday. nice bike i thought and then i noticed that the rider had turned his mirrors in so they were facing each other.
    now being relatively new to bikes im not sure if this is done by alot of people(havent seen any till now). i would have thought that this is a bit dangerous as he wouldnt have been able to see whats behind him.
    still trying to think of why he would do this.
    the only thing that i can think of is that he doesnt have to worry about hitting his mirrors when filtering thru traffic.
    can someone shed some light on this so i can know exactly why he wouldve done this.

  2. This, most likely.
  3. Rider had eyes in the back of there head, so therefore didn't need mirrors :LOL:
  4. I've seen this on bikes that have been parked and left on the footpath. I suspect that it is done to prevent the mirrors from being knocked and/or damaged by passing foot traffic.
    I've also heard of doing as has been mentioned above to make splitting easier...
  5. Most likely for the aforementioned splitting, I turned my mirrors in just about every trip on the Monash. Not worried about whats behind when in 'splitting mode' only whats in front :twisted:
    With the mirrors turned in you get can get though even narrower gaps :)
  6. seems a bit dangerous to me.
    maybe he has 1 of those rear view cameras on his bike..lol.
  7. i too have heard its for lane splitting....i can only assume this would be a fine-able offense ?
  8. Turning mirrors in is good for at least 5kW
  9. thanks for clearing that up, i thought it was only 3.5kW :grin:
  10. I turn mine in for about 500 metres of my morning commute( the stand-still traffic bit basically). It makes it just that little bit easier as my mirrors are pretty close in height to car mirrors.
    Soon as Im in moving traffic I put them back to normal. Feels extremely dangerous not knowing what cars are doing behind you when they're moving.
  11. The mirrors on my bike are fcuking hopeless. They are only there because they have to be.
  12. I've notoiced that most bikes at a shop have their mirrors turned in so they can pack them in tighter, is it possible he was on a test ride and was so excited he forgot about the mirrors?
  13. the mirrors on the fzr are pretty crap too
    when im not looking ahead im looking at my arms in the mirrors
  14. It might assist in reducing the aerodynamic profile.
  15. ...Or at least he probably thinks it will make any noticeable difference.
  16. It'll be $hit having to re-adjust the mirrors after each lane slpit. I mean really, is it that much of a difference that it's worth doing?

    25 years riding & I've let this one go right by me.........
  17. I use them as "whiskers" they are my guid as to the width of the bike when I'm splitting ;)
  18. It is a weird feeling when riding about with mirrors turned in.

    Even more so if you are doing a track day. Because of the speed you are doing they recommend you turn them in as to not be distracted by whats behind you. By the time you've had a peak in the mirrors, you could be about to stuff up a corner or rear end someone etc.

    After a while it is quite fun as all you are concentrating on is whats ahead of you.
    That is until some faster clucker comes up the inside of a corner and almost takes you out!!.

    I always do a quick head check on the PI turn 4? hairpin for such things.
  19. i've seen people turn then in while parked just to take up less space, less likely to get knocked over and such..