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Mirror theft? Or...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bulby, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. #1 bulby, Aug 21, 2011
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    I was walking along Lonsdale St in the city this morning and saw a parked blue Yammy, across QV. From the looks of it, the bike might've been parked there overnight.

    I was perving at the bike when I noticed the left-hand mirror was missing. The housing was intact, and no shards of glass on or around the bike.

    So I'm guessing either someone's pried off the mirror, or the owner broke it some time ago and went on riding without replacing it.

    What do you guys think? Is it possible to pry off a bike mirror? I don't think my gs500f mirror can be pried off.. doesn't look like it to me, at least.
  2. alien abduction
  3. Maybe Harry Potter took it to get help from Aberforth?
  4. Almost without doubt.

    Strange times, these.
  5. I saw a blue R1 a few months back at KV, with both mirrors missing.
    Didn't seem to faze the dude riding it ;)
  6. I heard mirrors are over-rated.
  7. I want to see where I am going - not where I have been
  8. My housemate took it... they have a mirror fetish.
  9. At least they are doing it right.....

    LEFT mirror first!
  10. Some riders take one mirror off to facilitate traffic filtering. Particularly if they were next to useless in the first place. When getting a road-reg for a dirt bike, I think you only require one mirror. I don't know what the law would be for a motorcycle shipped from the factory with two mirrors though.
  11. I blame the budgies. They have a thing for mirrors.
  12. I believe that is for rec-reg, you are required to have a mirror on the right hand side of the handle bars.
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  13. Yeah, you're right, VicRoads says so here.
  14. On the occasion of the "big hail storm", after the hail had finished demolishing the patio roof, under which my bike was parked, it decided to knock the left hand mirror glass out of its casing, so yes they can pop out. It popped back in easily, although it now had a chip in one corner.
  15. The custom bike crowd (choppers) used to have to have a mirror on the bike - but there was no spec about what sort of mirror. Most of them used a dentist's mirror...
  16. Okay, because I have nothing better to do, I looked up the relevant law. Happy happy joy joy.

    For a roadworthy certificate, VicRoads only requires one mirror, see here:
    However, the Australian Design Rules require two mirrors, see here:
    So I wonder how well the cops know their ADRs? :p