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Mirror Shake

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by smileedude, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I bought a Kawasaki Er 6n last week and I've noticed that the shake on the mirrors is absolutly appaling whenever the revs are above 3000.

    I've done some research and found a number of different solutions but I would like to hear what has worked best for others.

    1. Mirror isolaters http://www.getgeared.co.uk/LOUIS_Motorcycle_Mirror_Vibration_Dampers although at 25 pounds with postage I would like to hear if these work before buying, or if anyone knows if you can get them in aus.

    2. Adding weight to the mirrors

    3. Putting lead weight or sand in the bar. Apparently there is also a weighted 'snake' you can stick in there.

    4. Replace the mirrors, although I don't want to buy another mirror with the same problem. The bike came with two sets and both shake like crazy. And yes they are on tight.


  2. is the bike new?

    if not, has someone tampered with it by adding lighter bar-end weights? if so, revert to originals; despite the 'wisdom' of the customisers, the manufatcurers DO know what they are doing

    bear in mind the bike is a twin and twins are inherently 'buzzy' anyway; on my old XS-650 the mirrors were useless over 30kph :LOL:
  3. I haven't tried dampers but I'd wager they would do the best job.

    The Kwakas tend to get pretty vibey over a certain rev range ... I know as soon as I take the Ninja Thou over 6,000rpm it feels like it's trying to take off. Kawasaki tends to try to combat the vibration via rubber mounted pegs and the like - ie to stop you _feeling_ it rather than reducing the vibration itself. So I reckon the dampers will give you the best result. Hopefully someone here has fixed the same issue on the 6n and can speak up.
  4. Bike isn't new. I think that the bar ends are original. Neither set of mirrors are original though.

    But yeah the bike is pretty buzzy. Going from the scooter where the mirrors were crystal clear at all speeds it kind of makes me feel a little blind not having them.
  5. I have original mirrors on my ER6N and they vibrate, but not to the degree that they are not usable. Maybe try original mirrors.
  6. way back when a lot of manufacturers used to ship their bikes with those rubber dampers as standard
  7. Learn to shake your head at the same vibration rate ;) More seriously I would lean towards the Mirror isolators and extra weight on the mirrors as a combination.
  8. You're just used to the scooter, when you had to ride with one eye on your mirror at all times because small children on bicycles would catch you...
    Adjacent to your left foot you will now find a small lever - a single click in the "upwards" direction will make you go faster.
    2 or 3 clicks, and your mirrors are now redundant anyway...
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  9. i had those dampers from get geared on an old bike.
    i bought them from there because i could'nt source them anywhere else.
    apart from the postage it's a great online shop. lots of stuff that is hard to get here.
    the mirrors they sell are top quality too.
    those dampers also extend the stem about 20mm.
    yes they work.
    i had them fitted on an old single cylinder trail bike.
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  10. #10 smileedude, Aug 6, 2012
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    An endorsement from MT1 is all I needed. Looks like Ill grab them.

  11. Had the exact same problem with the 650RL. Same engine I believe.

    Once the bike hit about 10000km on the odo things settled down though and it became much smoother.
  12. they have a lot of nice riding gear there too. big range of held and rev'it. top quality stuff.
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  13. Ordered, and the pound to dollar convertion was way better than I expected. Apparently they should be here in 2-3 days so I will put a follow up here on how effective they are.
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