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Mirror Scraping !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by wang chung, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. So me lane splitting scraped a mirror the other day. Technechly (spelling is teh bad) i caused an accident.
    Im guessing this is pretty comming for bikers to do, but has anyone ever stopped to give details of what they did, or have they got a notice / whatever you get from police about failing to stop?
    Or i assume you guys just go faster when it happens so they have less chance of getting your plate? 8)

  2. Ive hit about two in the last 14 months.
    Never received anything in the mail about it.

    the first time i stopped and backed up, made it look like i was sorry. which i actually was...

    the second time a car moved into my way deliberatly, i could tell it was deliberate as he was yelling and bouncing around in his car at the bike that just passed him, (he must have been in a hurry and was p*ssed at the busy traffic) when he saw me, he moved over a bit to try and block me off, "Bang" clipped his mirror, so i gave him the bird and kept riding.
  3. Been there, done that. Mate yer just gotta go back and face the music.
    Hasn't happened for a while, but when I clipped a mirror (haven't broken one yet!) I backed up, straightened it for them, let them blow off a bit of steam, thanked them politely for enlightening me about my selfish ways and quietly went on splitting.
    We've gotta take the responsibility if we make the mistake, same as they should. Don't need any more bike haters out there :) .
  4. Yeah I guess technically, if you just ride off you could get done for not exchaning details etc....best to try and avoid hitting them.
  5. I just wave "sorry" and keep going... I've never hit one hard enough to cause any damage and the mirror just springs back in to place anyway. No harm, no foul...
  6. yeah, if i damaged one, i'd probly stop. but why hold up traffic more by stopping and sitting in the middle of a lane to cop abuse for something that makes no difference anyways?

    a wave should be enuff for them, if its not, then let them jump up and down as they please. i'm normally fine with a driver that gives me an acknowledgement that they farked up provided no damage was done.....
  7. Depends on the situation. If it's just a tap I won't bother. If it's major I would.
  8. Tapped my right mirror recently... went to readjust it back... and the blasted thing came off in my hand! Brittly failed right at the socket joint. !@#%!

    $150 later....
  9. As long as its only a touch (possibly a little spring action) then i generally just get the heck out of there quickly. Everyone has mention an apologetic wave... perhaps someone can demonstrate an apologetic wave cos its obviously not in my waving vocabulary.

    So far i've got the:-
    - "f*&k off wave"
    - sarcastic "royal wave"
    - "2 fingered pistol" wave (just to get them scared after they did something stupid)
    - "single fingered salute".
    - the geniuine "how ya goin wave"
    - "the shocker" but thats only reserved for mates if i see them on the road

    I've only clipped a mirror once, and the other was a little truck canvas scraping. For the mirror, i felt really bad but kept on going... and gunned it off the lights to put some space between me and the potentially irate driver.
  10. what about:

    - the "genuine surprise at a cager letting me in" wave.
    - the "I'll get you next time Gadget angry fist shake" wave.
    - the "I give up, you're just too stupid two hands in air appeal to the lord almighty" wave.
  11. - the "genuine surprise at a cager letting me in" wave.
    That one usually takes a moment to set in, and as i do most of my riding in and around the city, i don't have to use that one very often. Ok, add "wave with hand still on left grip to thank cager"*

    - the "I'll get you next time Gadget angry fist shake" wave.
    That comes under my f*&k off wave. Occasionally that one is followed up by a tap on the window just to let them know i'm still alive and thanks for paying attention.

    - the "I give up, you're just too stupid two hands in air appeal to the lord almighty" wave.
    If their that stupid then i'll be keeping both hand firmly on the bars to avoid the NEXT act of stupidity (usual 3 lane changes in 10 seconds). A sarcastic royal wave also goes down a treat.

    * Only used on rare occasions... can almost directly be attributed to a biker behind the wheel of a cage.
  12. i split to the front of a queue of about 50 cars, hit the mirror of the FIRST car in the queue at the red light, and had to sit there for 40 seconds next to him trying not to make eye contact. Just clipped him though... it made me a bit more cautious when splitting.
  13. why worry about clipping a mirror?

    Most cage drivers dont use them anyway!!!!

    In fact, I only got my car licence recently and on my lessens the instructor told me to ignore my left mirror totaly, unless reverse parking.

    He got bit of a blast from me for teaching cage drivers to be so stupid!!!
  14. I recently 'touched' the bonnet of a car in stationary traffic with my right side mirror whilst trying to get through between it and the car in front. The young female driver started blabbing, yelling and waving her hands around in disaproval.

    To try and appease her, I wiggled my mirror around (to show that it has some movement) and gave a big shoulder shrug as if to say ... So What?... She then gave me a nod of approval and seemed to be fine with it.
  15. What the?? :roll: :roll: :roll:

    What a tosser
  16. Ummmmm NO

    I still cannot understand how people can rack up the amount of clips they give to tintops on a yearly basis. It is pure negligence on the riders part, PERIOD. I can understand a clip with a mirror once every couple of years, but we have riders on this site 6 plus per annum.

    This is wrong, very wrong. I am NOT PERFECT, but by Christ I know the width of my bike and I certainly dont go ramming fourth between cars when I am thinking.....Gee Wizz this looks like its going to be a tight fit.

    To all you people who said they just wave when you clip a mirror, coz it would spring back into position, how do you know that. Seriously how do you know.

    Cheers 8)
  17. sooooooooooo you shouldn't lane split unless your good at it then? and if your not good at it, how do you get good at it?

    i see what your saying daz, and i agree to a point, but you're not born gods gift to motorcycling, you gotta get there yourself. unfortunately, that means you gotta fark up. i've probly clipped 5 mirrors since i started riding, and 3 of them would have been on my Ls. gotta learn somewhere....

    and its pretty easy to tell when some damage might have been done. i'd stop if i hit one with a bar end, but its always been with my own mirrors so i'd say the chance of some damage being done at those speeds would be pretty minimal.....
  18. Lovely Bunch of,

    I know its like a catch 22 situation. I just think that perhaps riders who clip mirrors regulary might be a little careless and perhaps a little less cuatious than they should be.

    Shit happens and NO ONE is perfect (especially me).

    As for getting good at it. I think thats more to do with actual bum on the seat time more than anything else. Regardless of lane splitting or not. With seat time I think IMHO you tend to understand the bike better. You know/learn the width etc with time. Your judgment becomes better.

    Look at yourself. On your L's you had three clips and since then only 2. I think you are learning you width better.

    Cheers 8)
  19. I also firmly believe that thier is a perception out in the Noob Market (L & P platers) that Lane Splitting is way cool and YOU MUST DO IT. And if you dont do it at speed you are soft.

    Now I don't want all you born again advocates to juump up and down stating you only split when traffic has stopped etc etc. Obviously the last comment was not directed at you.

    Cheers 8)
  20. i reckon your probably half right there with the noob factor, but its kinda hard not to give off that impression sometimes. i mean i REALLY enjoy lanesplitting and have since my first week on the bike. how do you tell a noob that they've gotta take it easy but at the same time, go out and do it yourself without even thinking about it :?

    i spose the best thing to do is if you're on a ride where you have an L on board, dont split. the L dont feel pressured and no mirrors get clipped.

    i still reckon you have to do it to get good at it tho, i mean theres knowing your bikes size and shape and then theres splitting at 40kph, i think theres a WORLD of difference between these :wink:

    and i'll be back to square 1 again soon. one of the 2 clips i've had since my Ls was on one of 3 rides i've been on in the last 10 months, i'm gunna have an invisible L on the back of my bike for at least a few weeks when i'm allowed back on the road :oops: