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mirror question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by 919, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    just wondering if any one knows, is it legal to to just have 1 mirror on a bike or are you required to have 2

  2. Do you legaly have to have any?
  3. wouldn't mine knowing that too!!!

    my bike looks so ugly with the stock mirrors, and they are pretty useless too.
  4. You are required to have 2.
  5. damn!!

    I was after some rizoma mirrors for my bike and was hoping to save some cash.

    looks like I will have to fork out for 2, or find some cheaper one's

    thanks for the reply
  6. NNNNNNnnnn000000OOOOOoooo

    get good mirrors! good mirrors make all the difference.
  7. You are required to have 2 mirrors on the bike however there are exceptions based on vintage bikes and their registration (at least in victoria)
  8. just buy one, then save up and buy the other ^.^ wouldnt look too odd with one stock one custom mirror :p
  9. Saw these two dudes on '06 R1s today—both of them had taken their mirrors off. They reckon they're a distraction! Interesting concept, but i think i'll keep mine thanks!
  10. yeah they are a major distraction, who needs too see whats in the lane next to you any way? :p

    i suggest 919 that you just keep them as they are for now and save up or spurge out and get both mirrors in one go. i think it looks too uneven if you only have 1 mirror.
  11. If you set them correctly all you generally ned to do is drop your arm a little to see. If you need to change them make sure you just dont go for looks, as said they do come in very handy to see the lane next to you..
  12. where were you gonna get the rizoma's from?

    tried bloody everywhere but couldnt find em
  13. Sluglie: I found two links to Aussie mobs who list Rizomas ..

    This one is in Oakleigh :grin:

    http://www.spareshack.com.au/ ... they've got the Rizoma logo down on the bottom right ..

    And this one lists Rizomas as well ...


    HTH ..
  14. thanks man, much appriciated


    just ordered a set of Circuit 871's from casoli's bloody $463 but i think they are worth it
  15. After being pulled over on this issue (for running a tiny single bar end) I was advised that you must have the same amount of mirrors as the bike was complianced with. On post classics that is two. As it happened I didn't get busted coz I noticed the police bike had one of those wide angle stick on mirrors on his bike, and that is in fact illegal. It is a big no-no to have differing refractive indices on the same mirror. So we called it square.

    I ended up buying some dinky bar ends from the UK on ebay from a guy called streetfightergee but if you want Rizoma you can order through the Harley dealer in Brunswick.