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Mirror broken

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by maddriver, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Today I parked my bike as usual in CBD. After finished working, I noticed that there was a police card attached to my bike. Then I went to the nearest police station and they told me that my bike fell over possibly with some damages.
    I had a quick look over the bike and noticed a right hand mirror broken and some minor scratches.
    I went directly to YamahaCity, asking for replacement. They charge $75 for the whole part of the right side mirror (Yamaha R15/2013). It would be unreasonably expensive to me.

    Could you guys recommend any other reasonable repair/replacement? Is this possible to replace only the mirror, excluding the holder part?

  2. If yamaha don't list it as a seperate part, then you will have to buy the whole part, if you want new.

    You may be able to get a second hand one, but keep in mind mirrors always break in a stack so finding them might be difficult.

    You may be also able to find one where the stem is broken, but the mirror is good and thus make a whole.

    Keep in mind the scratches will cost you hundreds at time of sale, so the $75 may be better value than it initially seems.
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  3. did they tell you how it fell?
  4. An officer said it was reported that a pedestrian unintentionally made it fell.
  5. did they have his details?
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  6. #6 maddriver, Feb 17, 2015
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    I thought there would be no damage so I didnt ask. But I think they dont. I will ask for the details tomorrow. I just have realized that a small part of the exhaust's cover is also broken.
  7. Its possible to get just the glass replaced, but the backing must be intact after you get the broken bits off. Campsie Auto Glass in Sydney and Mirrors4Cars on the Gold Coast are places that I know off. Replacement cost for a single r1100rt mirror was about $50 a year ago.


    Unfortunately ended up getting a new mirror when I found the backing on the broken one was itself damaged.
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  8. With that cost, I think I would replace the whole mirror. But I would wait until I sell this bike when I finish my study in Australia :3:3
  9. if $75 is too much...
    find cheap appropriately sized hand mirror in a $2 shop or K-Mart.. then glue it onto the remnants of broken mirror :D
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    Haha. If I have to do so, I would remove all the small broken pieces of glass and then reuse the biggest one :)).
    I will replace the mirror tomorrow cause riding with broken mirror is risky. I might be able to save $$$ but it's not worth time and effort.
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  11. U can get a pair of generic mirrors off eBay for a lot cheaper than $75
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  12. if the 2013 YZF-R15 is like the 2008, then I don't think the glass part is made to be seperated from the plastic back. i.e. it's moulded in & can't remove it without destroying the plastic backing.

    Generic mirrors may be cheap but once again if the 2013 is like the 2008 model the stock mirrors bolt on to the front fairing with two allen socket bolts, whereas generics usually clamp to the handle bars or bar ends. Which you could use but then you may want to do something about the unsightly old mounting points.
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  13. As you described, I think there is no difference between the two mirrors.
    Yeah, generic mirrors are very cheap but finding one that fits the mounting points is not easy.
    When I get a new mirror, I will take the broken glass out to see what's inside.
  14. My poor little bike has gone down on both sides and luckily the glass has survived so far. The plastic is covered in rash from slides. Exhaust cover plastic has suffered too, I cleaned it up once and about a week later the bike blew over and undid a lengthy process.