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NSW Miranda Devine tells it like it is

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MV, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. I am somewhat surprised, in a good way... I may be confusing the author with someone else though.


    Sorry Smee.

  2. PLEASE quote the article not just the link!!!!
  3. I got to here and couldn't stop laughing.

    I have to say I disagree entirely though. I would far rather more sign posted cameras and less police on the road. Cops can get me, sign posted cameras can't, but they do get people stupid enough to not observe the giant sign saying SPEED CAMERA AHEAD. What's more dangerous on the road someone speeding or someone not looking?
  4. If you get booked by a fixed speed camera you deserve to lose your license..
  5. You're missing the point. It's that setting laws and limits in contradiction to the innate psychology of human beings is doomed to fail. In fact it is counterproductive.

    (I could have compared Vic-style covert cameras to overt policing, but that would have missed the point too.)
  6. As I remember it, 40 kmh school zones were introduced to reduce the amount of police time spent attending minor crashes as parents pulled into and away from kerbs without looking.
    Nothing to do with the protection of children.
  7. While it is pleasing to see anything in the media touting a somewhat less oppressive approach to enforcing road rules, one has to question just what is being suggested as replacement:
    No, if somebody is traveling at 112 in a 110 zone you leave them the hell alone; pulling them over for a hectoring diatribe on the many other ways they could well be evil is just irritating.

    When will someone propose "Unless the driver/rider is presenting a danger to others, the government has no business interfering with them in any way"?
  8. That's where the article starts but goes into more cops fining people, less cameras. This just enforces the speed kills dogma. It is a pretty poorly written article. The proposed solution does not match the introduction at all.

    I'm actually of the belief that the NSW authorities know that speed kills is just over simplification but also understand a well sign posted camera is the best method of weeding out bad drivers who don't pay attention. You can't have the speed cameras without the speed kills dogma.
  9. and its championed by the NRMA cause then they pay less in minor claims cause the panel damage is less. but insurance still costs us as much.
  10. Nice article from Miranda (for once, in fact this is probably the ONLY one...).

    I particularly like this line - so, so true - yet the people who chant this line don't see it

  11. the problem is that money is infinite to these people... they don't recognise that the money comes from somewhere... it's why they keep taxing us more and delivering less.
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  12. Speed cameras make a profit, they are called revenue raisers for a reason. More speed cameras mean more money for other projects.

    This is why I hate Miranda Divine so much, she can write a good sentence, but she cannot write or understand simple logic throughout an article. Her own articles start making arguments against them selves.
  13. ive seen that stat quoted by labour hacks before. I didn't say anything about labour, i was talking about all governments.

    btw that stat only works for tax... stamp duty, flood and medicare levies, and money taken as profits by previously non-profit organisations like medibank aren't included but they all take money from us and hand it to the government. basically anything they don't call a tax... which is why they argued the carbon tax wasn't a tax for so long... semantics.

    the point is that consecutive governments of both persuations pile on extra costs, cut back on services (remember when healthcare and education were free?) and never seem to remove an old tax... wasn't the fuel tax meant to be temporary? then they point fingers and blame each other, like you were just doing... it's just a distraction and they're all as piss poor as each other (well mostly)... as an example... I recently saw a statement made by another labour hack claiming the luxury car tax was brought in by John Howard so it was ok to increase it by 8% - sure he called it the luxury car tax, but previously it was just import duty - when the GST came in they dropped it off cars UNDER a certain value and it was MEANT to go back to 0 and be replaced by the GST.... liberal "forgot" to get it down to zero, and labour decided to put the tax rate up!

    a slong as you party muppets argue with each other it distracts from the fact that the real battle is between the community at large and the government of the day who are MEANT to be serving us but so frequently don't.
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  14. I'm guilty of something similar. Was trying to say that the comments attributed to Lex Stewart are on the money. Your points about Devine's article in toto are true.
  15. i'd agree with that... but why the move away from posted signs and toward covert ops like planes buzzing the Hume Hwy? I'd love to see a HWP officer parachute out to give you a warning...
  16. That's fine in NSW, & true. Do some some research & find out why that doesn't hold any water in Victoria. I know this is a NSW article, but the points raised are global.

    You can actually be done for 12km over doing 112 in a 110 zone.

    If this is the alternative, then I would prefer a quick chat, wouldn't you?

    True. The fact that non motorcyclists are starting to hold similar views to most motorcyclists is interesting though, especially when it's getting mainstream attention.

    Maybe we're not so different to the cagers?
  17. Errrrrr, wot?
  18. 112 might be a stretch per se, but if you were done for 120 in 110 zone, the fine would be for +20, not + 10.

    Something to do with the national limit vs 110 being a special limit. that may only apply here in Vic, though, not too sure.

    It's been discussed on here a few times, I can't dig out the threads though...
  19. It's truly a shame that the judge who upheld that wasn't murdered.
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