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Miracle survival: Rock thrown at car [SMH]

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Article

    Buying "the Holden Vectra" was the man's first mistake.

    The incident would have been much more serious had the man's wife not managed to apply the handbrake just before the car crashed, police said.

    I'm sorry - applying the parking brake when a vehicle is already out of control is the worst thing you can possibly do.
    Circumstances where you use the hand-brake in an emergency are: car moving in a straight line ahead, handbrake gradually applied to slow vehicle.

    I can not believe this woman's actions did ANYTHING except contribute to the accident that happened.

    Just another symptom of Australia: Where People Can't F*cking Drive Because We Don't Teach Them Properly.

    Speed kills, and this woman is a hero.


    BTW, hope the little rock-throwers are caight and flogged to within an inch of their lives.
  2. I hope karma is real. Then maybe these little &^$#ers will get their chests smashed in with a sledgehammer.

    I had some %&^$ing dipshits throw a bottle at my car from an overpass when I was travelling on the Monash. Luckily it just missed. I was seriously considering turning around, hunting them down and beating the life out of them. I knew that if I made that decision it would go too far and I have too many good things in my life to be locked up.

    In conclusion, this is a purposeful and deliberate act to seriously harm and possibly kill someone. ANYONE knows that throwing objects from an overpass onto cars can kill so they have NO defense.
  3. you've got to be kidding me?

    like the article said: he lost control of the vehicle cus a rock smashed through the windscreen!

    how do you come up with his wife contributing to the accident and where is there any mention of speed?

    let's see your reaction when i fcuking rock goes through a windscreen into the person next you.

    shakeshead :shock:

    some yrs back in calif. i was heading down from a mountain at night and some **** threw a massive iced up snow ball the size of a slab of beer. how they managed to throw this fcuker is beyond me but it landed smack bang on the windscreen with an explosion. i stopped, reversed and tried to look for the culprits but to no avail. :evil:
  4. I am not sure how exactly to respond to this...

    On that stretch of road, there is a pretty heavy police presence, but they are usually stopped in the U-Turn bays watching their Radar... perhaps if they were out there doing their job rather than filling the states coffers, they might occasionally look up and see these little pricks, because that kinda stuff is happening more and more, has killed once (on the Hume at Campbeltown, and seriously injured) the chick at Kiama...

    If they were there for 10mins, did people call the cops??? did the cops make a B-line to the area... I can't believe how often I hear on the radio... (a truck tyre in the 3rd lane of XXX road... stop your f*ckin car and move it rather than call the radio station... drive to the overpass and collar the little sh!ts, or wait there and call the police...

    As for the handbrake and other comments... probably ill conceived... yes pulling on the handbrake is very dangerous if done quickly when the driver isn't prepared... but applying it gradually will slow the car if the driver has been incapacitated... better than waiting for the guardrail to stop the car...

  5. Not nearly as bad as this article, but, me and my mum where driving in the convertible (with the roof down) near Frankston shopping center and some tools about 14-18 threw coleslaw or some other salad at us from the top of the parking lot. Luckily they missed, but these kids/adults/c@#ts need their hands cut off.
  6. Better to pull the hand brake and wipe off 10 or 20kmh than hitting the guard rail at full speed...

    fk if that was me and I was the passenger, I would be ripping up the hand brake whilst trying to get it in park, no matter what the situation is going to end bad. May as well try and take some speed off the impact.
  7. Unless the bloke is entirely unconscious and the passenger is unable to get to the steering wheel, ripping on the handbrake is about the worst idea possible. Sure, Ktulu was a bit harsh, the lady may indeed have taken the best possible action it is impossible to know, but then there's posts like Memphis' one above which entirely reinforce his point. People are idiots.
  8. Devo, fair point, but what you do in the same situation. And remember, this isn't multiple choice with time to think and debate, the actual critical second or two where she was faced with a windscreen smashing, a rock entering the drivers area and her husband then incapacitated with the rock having impacted his chest.

    Whilst hindsight is a great thing, I don't know what I would have done.
  9. Id grab the steering wheel before grabbing the handbrake

    side story: I remember having an argument with my at the time incoherently p!ssed g/f while we were driving home from town. She decided she wanted to stop and reefed on the handbrake. As a result it put us into a spin, and that was at only 80km/h.
  10. I'm just being honest about my own lack of preparedness for such an event.
  11. It doesn't, I was saying that the woman is a hero in the same way speed kills: the newspaper says so/not really.

    I don't know what I'd do in the same situation, but I SHOULD grab the steering wheel.
    Handbrakey to emergency stop an out of control vehicle removes any influence from the following things on where your car goes or ends up:
    - steering.
    - brakes.
    - ABS.

    Sure, we don't know the exact circumstances of the accident, and we may not know how every individual would react: but the article preaches heroism from the typical perspective of Not Having A Farking Clue About Driving - where so much of our current road legislation and media coverage comes from.

    It sickens me, and I loathe it's existence.
  12. they need some form of education or method of protection against f***wits that hoof shit off bridges into moving traffic. I had some kids that threw something at me on the western ring one day, not only did I have to dodge the falling object (right lane full of traffic), the next 50m was littered with shit that they had previously thrown as the cars had driven over them and pushed them forward. Quickest bit of slalom i've done yet...
  13. when i lived in sydney a few years ago, driving down the M4 i had 2 little sh1ts throw a bike frame off a bridge at me , i mean c'mon who throws a bike frame FFS :evil:

    oh and im guessing this will add to the single vehicle accident stats :?:
  14. Well I grew up driving with an old man who fell asleep at the wheel way too often, so I think in my case my first instinct would be to go for the wheel, which is what I have had to do many times in the past. I wasn't having a go at the lady in the sh1tty situation, I did in fact say she deserves the benefit of the doubt. Then along comes Memphis who indeed does have the benefit of time to think, and still wants to not only rip on the handbrake, but also go down the entirely ineffectual path that is shifting the car into park.
  15. The couple involved were interviewed on the news tonight and the husband said that she reached down and applied the foot brake with her hand. No mention of the handbrake. Still probably not the ideal scenario, but vastly different to what the paper reported.
  16. thats a shitload better than the handbrake then