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Miracle save

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by smileedude, May 16, 2012.

  1. It was a cool dry morning. I was heading out to uni, a 1 hour trip. I was having a ball of a time, the traffic was heavy but the motorcycle lanes were clear and the lights changing at exactly the right times for the rockstar rolling start.

    I turn off Cleveland st on to City rd. I was in poll position with a nice rolling start. It's a nice right turn that you can gun it through. I race down city rd on my own to turn left on to Parramatta Rd. I'm having too much fun, trying to get as low as I can, taking corners fast.

    Then as I lean through the corner, my back wheel slips out big time. Time stood still. "I'm going down for sure (clean version)" I think. Reflexes kick in, my left foot slams into the ground at 60 km/h (toes are still a bit sore). As my foot kicks the ground the wheel stops slipping. I'm riding with the bike travelling 45 degrees to the direction it should be travelling. When I kicked I pushed hard on the right handle bar righting the bike. It throws me to the right. I don't know how I hung on but held it. The back wheel over corrects and fish tails a couple times shaking me all around.

    Then back to normal. Heart racing a million miles an hour as I replay the incident over and over for the rest of the ride.

    Lessons learnt: My tyres may have been too cold, I was on the bike 10 minutes when this happened and it was a chili morning. The rear tyre is new but not new enough to cause problems.
    This is a heavily pedestrian crossed intersection, so who knows I may have hit a bit of paper or some oil, hard to say.
    Go close but don't experiment with your limits on your daily commute, it isn't worth it.
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  2. Pheww! Thank your lucky stars man, great to hear you made it thru. I know the exact spot you are referring to, seems unusual, perhaps something on the road.

    With the whole putting your left foot down in the slide, is this a recommended action or it just happens because you are leaning over so much?

    Great to hear you made it.
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  3. shit, mate! that was close. glad you came thru. but, you did. (y) experience.
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  4. Damn close call, nice save!! Have had a couple of baby slips on chilly morns, and to say that it wakes you up, well, that'd be an understatement. Congrats on staying upright :)
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  5. It was pure instinct, I doubt I could have controlled it. I could have easily high sided because of it and was very lucky not to. Still glad I stuck it out there. Had it snapped it off I probably wouldn't be saying that.
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  6. Glad you saved it, dude. Good effort.

    TMax, I don't know about recommended, but there are times when it's the only way out. When grip goes away in a progressive, partial way, you're often better to sit there and grip the bike with your legs and let your arms go loose, stop rolling on the throttle and just wait, let the bike do what it needs to do and don't stampede it. But when traction goes in a sudden and violent and complete or near complete way, a very firm dab of the leg might be the only way to get it back. Whether it comes back or not, and whether it comes back in a way that's gentle and benign or sudden and violent, is largely in the lap of the gods.
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  7. Mmm...sounds like your first 'Highside'.

    What really got you through it?...instinct, or a lot of luck?
    Not having a go...just don't want to see you mistake the two.
    Ie...think about what actions your body took to keep you upright.

    And for whatever the reason, I'm glad you saved it. Highsides wreck bikes, but also reeeally injure riders.
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  8. Since its a heavily pedestrian crossed intersection do you think its wise to take it so fast?
  9. captured it in one (y)
  10. Tmax and I are both on scooters, so while you can grip with your knees it can't be done quick enough to save the bike in this situation.

    Basically pushing the ground took enough weight off the bike for it to right and gain grip and helped along with the full body counter steer.
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  11. ..You just lived out one of my worst fears .... :eek:hno: ...

    Glad you saved it!... =D>
  12. Instinct saved me from the lowside but luck saved me from the highside. In hindsight instinct could have very easily killed me.

    Stupidity put me there in the first place. Pushing too hard, didn't recognise the risk of a corner with a lot of pedestrians, and a stop light with potential oil spots.
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  13. Yep, good answer. You're onto it. :)
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  14. Given the lack of maintenance given to cars in that area it was likely some fluid or oil rubbish. Could be bits of food too. Also the intersection has a very negative camber if I remember right.
  15. Ah, I see. I've done a few monos on scooters, but I don't remember ever getting one crossed up while leaned over. Well done - I'm proud of you.
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  16. The camber is actually slightly positive. But it's a bit of a trick on the memory because the left side is much higher for the park but drops down before the road. I'm putting my money on engine oil. I'm sure next time I'm going through there I will be going slow enough to take a good look.
  17. So the question is, are you best off taking the lowside or trying to save it in a situation like this? Obviously I got the best result and I have no idea if I could have not stuck my foot out if I tried but I came very close to taking a birds eye view of parramatta road.
  18. Do you think oil was a factor?
    Anywhere where cars tend to slow or brake is high risk for oil. Even the approach to hills where oil can get thrown down.
  19. is this the left with the two lanes and the ped crossing?

    That thing is dodgey, huge wheel ruts caused by busses and such means that you really need to be careful to make sure you dont upset the bike by riding over them with much intensity.

    I put my bike down there a few weeks back after i ebraked on the side of one of the crests in the road.

    Good to hear your ok, i bet it would have been a sight to see a scooter being ridden so hard.
  20. A bit confused with your OP their, smilee. You mention its a one hour trip to uni, but then you say your tire is cold for a 10 minute ride.

    Do you go to uni in Usyd (near where your scenario took place, cold tires) or live nearby and go to uni out west (1 hour trip)?