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Mint In Box

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stigger, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. wow, what a fascinating story! Assuming they get them back flying that will just about double the number of serviceable Spitfires in the world!
  2. Wow... Awesome!
  3. i want one, wait no,,,,,, 2
  4. Recon they could send one over here for our museums...
  5. Seeing them restored to mint condition and put on display would be great, I'm a fan of museums, but seeing them FLY would be so much better. There have been precious few things made by the hand of man as beautiful as a Spitfire, or a P51D.

    I just hope they can resist the urge to put doddering old men who flew them in their teens up in them, because that's asking for a double tragedy. Warbirds are a bit like litre class sports bikes, in that you don't have to make a real big mistake to get bitten very hard. They're tough on bright-eyed young recruits without the experience to know what can bite them, but they're just as tough on old men whose reflexes and judgment and situational awareness are fading.

  6. I would sell one of my testicles to help raise money to own one of those
    I look at these planes as works of art
  7. I'll start the bidding at 50c Tak
  8. shame it took them(RR/RAF) ages to install the fuel injection when the me109's already had it. go inverted in a mk1 spitty and you'd loose the engine, one of the few true advantages a me109 had over them.


    i'd kidnap Tak and sell bits of him to fund one.
  9. Meh -- I would probably lowside it if I owned one
  10. 635,000 pounds to recover NOS WWII airplanes buried underground in their original transport crates is a pretty bloody good effort. Obviously each air plane alone is worth a lot more than that, never mind the fact that there's twenty of them. I'd imagine a recovery operation like this would usually cost a fair wad more, but then it would be done much more quickly and not over 15 years by a small farmer.
    Bloody awesome that these have been found, I will have to go over to the UK one day to see them, maybe even see an engine run for the first time since having been tested at the factory 65 years ago.
  11. Don't know where it's from but...

  12. My grand mamah was a WAAF, going out with a ratbag Australian Beaufighter pilot from Orange. One of her treasures was a used Merlin piston, made into an ashtray. It was hand stamped "ONE OF THE FEW." Her other treasures were my (step) grandfather's DSO, DFC and bar. He put a lot holes in U-boats.
  13. Sorry for my ignorance but what are DSOs and DFCs?
  14. I do not think there is anything mechanical that sounds better than a rolls royce merlin engine
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    Off the topic a bit, but my uncle used to build De Haviland Mosquitos at the works at Bankstown during the war. Dad said he used to be able to lift one end of the crate with a Merlin inside it!

    And when I was a kid there was a bloke down here in Wollongong who had a Merlin in a speedboat; when he started it up at Talawarra of Lake Illawarra you could hear it an Windang (on the other side of the lake)!

    and waddya know, you type in 'Rolls Royce Merlin speedboat' and guess what you find?

    [media=youtube]Ub0hwAPiidM[/media] !!!!
  16. Fascinating story, but I can't help thinking that they're going to be disappointed with what they find in crates that have been buried for 60 years in a tropical environment.

    Still, it’s interesting to see a "buried cache of WW2 equipment" story that actually turned out to be true.
  17. I dunno... have you seen that goo they packed everything in in those days?
  18. What a find, what a story. excellent!
    I would be happy with just a working motor, just to fire up in the shed to piss off the young neighbor with his doof doof mobile that is thumping at all hours. He doesn't like loud motorbikes in the morning, imagine a Merlin Engine !!!!