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Minna slides her "REAR END"

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Ratbag, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Went for a ride today with Jason ( MOUTH ) - Minna ( Firefling ) - Deano ( PNUT ) and Dave ( fixed )

    We all headed down Gippy way with Jason leading since he seems to know where he's going, well that's what he tells us anyway.
    After rounding a corner with a road sign clearly stating we were about to hit an intersection :shock:

    Minna decided to go off-road :p

    10mb file
    hope this one is better :?

    click free , let next page load, use the code to make the file link appear after a 30 second wait.

  2. Oops :oops:, didn't see that sign approaching an intersection and it caught me out a bit. Lucky I held it upright.

    Hey I thought I saw something interesting and went over there for a closer inspection :p
  3. Oops!!! Least there wasn't a gutter to hit and some flipping over the bars to be had :shock:

    I'm pretty sure I didn't press submit on the message above!!
  4. Right hand for the brake minna, right hand. :wink:

    Good effort not to hit that sign. Bonus points for you. :grin:
  5. My front brake light switch doesn't work but believe me I had both brakes on. If you noticed when I hit the grass, I took the rear brake off and jammed the front brakes on hard. I was actually guiding the bike away from Paul to avoid a collision but hit the gravel patch just behind the left side of him.
  6. whoa :shock: lucky there was no passing traffic. nice little slide by the way :grin:

    i love that matte black firestorm, looks awesome
  7. Queue jumper.
  8. phew that was close.. well kept together..
  9. Firstly, good to NOT see a fourth Netrider down. Lucky, but also well controlled. Good one 'fling.

    Secondly, I LOVE the camera on helmet - please explain??
    ie Camera type, mounting method etc

    I have been thinking of a bike mounted camera to catalogue Adelaide Hills rides ( hadn't thought of helmet mount) :eek:
  10. Good stuff Minna :grin: - can't get away with anything these days :p always someone with a camera :LOL:
  11. Good to see you stayed upright minna (Would've had the heart racing i'm sure), You can't get away with anything these days ...EVERYBODY has a camera :LOL:
  12. She was only doing it to show off ya know. :LOL:
  13. Just a helmet mounted camera that connects to a handycam, best setup would be to carry the handycam in a backpack , i have mine in a tankbag.

    PM me if you need more info...........



    Cheers ratty

  14. Shit Minna, that was a close call.

    Take it easy out there y'all.

  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Minna..

    Helmet vision looks good.. Was waiting for a wheelie round
    the bend Ratty :LOL:
  16. When a girls gotta go to the toilet, she don't waste no time heading for the tree's :)
  17. pmsl Mouth :LOL:

  18. See it this time Minna? :LOL:
    And what were you looking at on the side of the road just after the sign Paul?
  19. Minna of the jungle watch out for that F##**K turn :shock:
  20. :LOL: Shouldn't that be 'Minna of the jungle watch out for the F##**K T!' ??? :LOL: