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Minja gets a facelift

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Loz, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. It's probably long overdue, but Cheffie and Brownyy dropped round on the weekend and between the 3 of us we gave the front end of the Minja a bit of a tweak. It was pissin' rain so we went for the alternative workshop option as Brownyy got stuck into the wiring:


    We stuck on a dash, some headlights and some beasty driving lights. Here it is as of today:




    Finally, I found a spare rear seat on eBay, reinforced it with some steel, and stuck a topbox mount on it... So I can chuck the Givi seat on when I need to carry stuff, but otherwise people will have to find other reasons to call me a poof:


    Today I stuck a new relay in, and now my indicators flash all by themselves. Two days of frantically wiggling the switch around to simulate a flasher can is probably just about enough I reckon.

    Before I left for overseas, I replaced the fork oil, buggered the forks in the process, fixed them up with Roarin's help, stripped and cleaned my calipers with Pete the Pom's help, re-did all the seals and stuck a fresh piston in my master cylinder with Kenny's help, put on braided lines, new discs (thanks anonymous) and pads - but the buggering brake system still doesn't work. I've got a new master cylinder in the post with a bit of luck.

    Now I just have to put in the water temperature sensor, make the brakes work again, replace the chain and sprockets, extend the throttle and clutch lines and put my MX bars on, fit some fresh rubber and fix whatever I've done to the right hand fork's rebound adjuster screw. Oh, and get the brake lights working.

    Sigh. It's still a lot of fun to ride though!

    The list of people who have helped me with this bike recently includes but is not limited to: Cheffie, Brownyy, Kenny, Roarin, Pete the Pom, Sharky and Roger. Gentlemen, you are legends one and all. Beers on me!
  2. Looks good there Loz, thumbs up to all those who've helped out. I know this is a stupid question but are those fog lights either side of the twin headlights?

    What other reason could people call you a poof? Aren't you the one with the reputation of dropping his dacks at any opportunity? Or are you just an exhibitionist?

    Edit, I just reread the post, driving lights.
  3. It looks hideously lovely.
  4. They're driving lights, yeah. They turn night into day and burn holes in the retinas of all in their path. They're for mystery rides and nighttime twisties, and getting a better look at selected hotties.
  5. I notice that you have left the catch bottle on the right hand side gloriously untouched :LOL:..
  6. Better still, it goes up and down the road without the headlight threatening to wobble loose and the indicators flopping up and down on flimsy pieces of plastic. Yay!
  7. Weellllll I have another one somewhere that I might get around to fitting one day. Still, it's probably better than the beer bottle on Chengaleng's bike.
  8. Ahem, I was making a sacrifice to the biker gods so that they may smile upon us.

    Kudos to Browny too, the lad's a genuis (can't believe i just said that)

    Just like it's owner.

    It was a fun way to spend a weekend, must do it again sometime.
    Alas, the other project bike isn't doing as well, seems it has an engine lock :(
  9. What's an engine lock?
  10. T'was great fun working on it Loz, many a laughs from yourself and Chef... Great meals too!! :grin:

    Yay! It's in writing...! "Your Honor; I'd like to plea my decision to speed at that particular time on that particular day, as I am a genius. Hear, I have it quoted!" :angel:
  11. It's not quite a full seizure, but it might as well be. The engine wont turn over but from what I've been told, it hasn't melted itself together either.

    Whatever it's problem is, it's going to need to see a doctor to sort it out.

    Oh dear God I've created a monster.
  12. I have a sledge hammer at home\\:D/

    btw nice work on the mod job boyz looks very tidy=D>
  13. I have seen this rectified with an FBH and a lump of timber down the bore before, however you also run the risk of completely ruining everything.
  14. Heh heh, i was tempted to get the big hammer out, but the owner was there watching me.

    Thanks mate, it's looking heaps better than before, and a lot closer to Loz's dream bike. I'm trying to encourage him to make a new tail and front guard just for shits'n'giggles, it would be good if everyone else encouraged him too ;)

    What the f is an FBH?.......F*#king Big Hammer?
    Cos i have a box of those. Nowhere near as silly as it's made out to be :D

    The problem is i don't know what caused the problem in the first place, but i'm guessing it was over filling the facking thing with oil, which has possibly worked itself up past the rings into the bore? Hard to say without stripping it some more. We were poking around at 10 o'clock last night, so it was a bit dark to see.

    We had a crack at trying to bump start it, and rocking it backwards to see if we could free it up, but it doesn't want to play ball.
  15. do the driving lights give a good flood? or is it still just straight ahead? and are they the big or small'uns?
    try giving it a bit of a tow up to speed and drop into 6th for best mechanical advantage.
  16. Lilley the little ones are the driving lights and they're just bananas. I've got them set for a good side wash, but you can point them way down the road if you want. They're heaps brighter than standard high beams.
  17. sounds like you need 2 sets on there, one to point straight down the road the other on the sides.....it will never be dark in your world again
  18. exactly what I was thinking. maybe also some to point upwards so you can see when your cranked over, or perhaps the standard high beams could do this
  19. how do you find the tacho for accuracy. both of my acewells have been hideously inaccurate tacho wise. But great little units other wise
  20. Lilley, actually I dunno, we just sorta stuck the things on and pointed them forwardish. They seem to give a huge side wash but they also go a lot further forward than the high beams. I'm a bit self conscious about them actually, they seem a touch antisocial.

    Ben, the tacho seems about spot on. We plumbed it into the standard dash's tacho signal instead of doing the twisty yellow wirey thing. It was out by a factor of 2, but you can then go into the menu and set it for how many cylinders you've got etc. Oh, and incidentally the fuel gauge seems to work a lot better than the standard one too - and my speedo is no longer 20% out like it used to be! Yay!