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Minister blamed for attack on African teen

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. Minister blamed for attack on African teen

    By Jeff Turnbull
    October 10, 2007 07:14pm

    SUDANESE community leaders demanded an apology from Immigration
    Minister Kevin Andrews for inciting racial violence today, as murdered
    teenager Liep Gony was laid to rest.

    Samuel Kuot, president of the Sudanese Community Association of
    Australia, said Mr Andrews' comments that Sudanese found it hard to
    assimilate were discriminatory and had inflamed feelings against them.

    Mr Andrews last week said African refugees were forming gangs, getting
    in involved in nightclub fights and drinking in public parks.

    Mr Kuot blamed Mr Andrews for another attack on a teenaged Sudanese
    immigrant last night.

    Outside the funeral of Mr Gony, 18, at the Seventh Day Adventist Church
    in Dandenong today, Mr Kuot said Sudanese in Melbourne no longer felt
    safe after being singled out by Mr Andrews.

    From one war to another: Liep Gony's extended family and friends gathered
    in Noble Park to mourn his death and grieve.

    "The Sudanese community, as well as the African community, expects an apology
    from the minister,"
    Mr Kuot said.

    "The community is angry, many people are crying and emotional.

    "We came to this country and expected it to be safe and if you bring someone you
    need to protect them – you can't turn against them."

    Two men, aged 19 and 21, have been charged with Mr Gony's murder
    after the teenager was found bashed and unconscious on a median strip
    in Noble Park in Melbourne's southeast last month. He later died in hospital.

    His funeral came one day after Ajang Gor, 17, was struck over the head
    with a bottle in Melton, in Melbourne's west.

    Mr Gor was attacked last night by three men who then stole his wallet and
    mobile phone which they used to send racist comments to his brother's

    "We believe that was caused by Mr Andrews' comments," Mr Kuot said.

    He rejected Mr Andrews' assertion that the Sudanese were having trouble
    fitting into the Australian community.

    "The minister should come to sympathise with us, not to condemn us when any-
    thing tragic like this happens,"
    Mr Kuot said.

    "We are very friendly people, not a threat to this country.

    "With the comments of the minister, we feel we are being discriminated against,
    being interrogated, and the people who did not want us to come to this country
    can now turn against us."

    Mr Gor, with his head bandaged, told the Nine Network he was knocked
    unconscious as he tried to run from his attackers.

    "I don't know who caught up with me and hit me with the bottle and that was
    when I collapsed,"
    Mr Gor said.

    Mr Gony's mother Martha Ojulo told mourners her family had come to
    Australia from war-torn Sudan hoping to find a safe haven.

    She said her son regarded himself as an Australian, not Sudanese.

    As emotions overflowed in wailing and tears, three young women were
    taken to hospital by ambulances after being overcome with grief during
    the service.

    Many of Mr Gony's former schoolmates waited solemnly outside the
    church, many leaning against the garden walls of neighbouring houses.

    They greeted each new arrival with a quiet handshake and then waited
    quietly for the funeral to end.

    Had they ventured inside they would have heard Mr Gony's former
    principal at Nunawading Christian College, Jacques Calais, describe him
    as a good boy who tried his very best.

    "I saw a tall athletic man and I was eager for him to be part of the school,"
    Mr Calais said.

    Mr Andrews said later he understood the grief but there was no apology

    "I understand what is being said today, I understand the grief that is being
    he said.
  2. Just seen media watch tonight. Those supposedly robbery wasn't even done by the sudanese ! A slow motion revealed he/she was only a bystander. Heaps other crap revealed such as supossedly attempt of attack and **** of police officers which was denied by victorian police themselves.

    What a load of crap and how convenient it fits kevin's agenda. Must be one of these election thing. Strike two to the government after haneef shambles, no vote for little johny this year from me :roll:
  3. I also read that Andrews' comments were rebutted by QLD police officials saying that the Sudanese did not represent disproportionally in crime stats.
    Infact, if anything it was slightly lower.

    I hate it how those in power succesfully use fear to get their way.
  4. Remember the "children overboard"
  5. Politicians are accountable, and they'd better bloody think of themselves as accountable, with the "danger money" they earn. All it takes is a bit of noise and a bogan with an ear open to the outside world.

    My impression of the other incident mentioned is a definately discriminatory action be a few idiots. The fist incident may just have been a drunk fight, somthing more sinister, we won't know until the trial.

    Now genuine, bona-fide sudanese, laotian, viet, abo, white, lebbo gangs, I totally would justify knocking the dweebs down a notch. Doesn't matter what background, I think we can agree that every society has its undesirables, and we can all do with groups that prey on others.

    That, and noble park is just stuffed.
  6. I voted "Undecided" as the article doesn't mention the details of the two blokes charged with the murder other than they were 19 & 21. If it turns out they themselves are Sudanese then it's hardly a race crime. It could also be a simple case of a drunken fight gone wrong or a robbery gone wrong. Can't automatically assume it's a hate crime.

  7. Emily Power
    October 04, 2007 12:00am

    TWO young men extradited from Adelaide to face murder charges over
    the fatal bashing of a Noble Park student have psychiatric problems, the
    Melbourne Magistrates' Court heard yesterday.

    Dylan Giuseppe Sabatino, 19,
    and Clinton David Rintoull, 22, were
    remanded in custody.

    The prosecution told the court the transcribing of telephone interceptions
    and interstate inquiries were delaying their preparation.

    Defence counsel told the court Mr Sabatino and Mr Rintoull had psychiatric
    disorders and needed to see a doctor.

    The court heard Mr Sabatino and Mr Rintoull were young offenders in
    custody for the first time.

    South Australian police arrested the pair, of no fixed address, on Sunday.

    Their images are suppressed for legal reasons.

    "Bring my brother back," Liep Gony's younger sister Michelle,
    centre, cries at his funeral yesterday.

    Family and friends of Liep Gony, along with other members of the Sudanese community, outside
    his funeral service yesterday.

    Link: http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,22524843-661,00.html
  8. Noble park is a very tense suburb, there is a large sudanese population and a lot of its residents hold the sudanese youth responsible for the majority of crime there.

    Although even before the sudanese moved into the area there were a lot of problems.
  9. You could always move to England and experience what a lack of immigration policy would make Australia in 20 years time, if you all have your whining way.....
  10. Noble Park has always been a trouble suburb, well before any volume of Sudanese arrived.

    The Government of the day may not be responsible for street violence, but they sure do a lot towards ENCOURAGING racist thoughts and behaviours. It's been a core electoral platform since they saw the votewinning power of the Hansonite movement.

    Don't let yourselves get Tamapa'd with again. This is merely a racist diversion by an idiot member of a sinking government.
  11. how is everyone "whining" from what i have read so far they are level headed comments.
  12. Oh please :roll:

    Two young men made a decision to take a course of action resulting in this young mans death. Tragic.

    Is the Govt responsible? Not even if the two young men were ministers themselves! Individuals are resonsible for their own actions. Every time something bad happens, the media look for "who's fault" it is, other than those who's action it was in the first place.
  13. Yes we all know that everyones responsible for their own actions.

    The point being made however is that people can be influenced to commit

    Furthermore whats been said is that thd spate of recent incidents
    have only occurred since recent comments from the Gov.

    Have you also heard of the term 'copycat crime'?

    I been living there a coupla years now, & the place is full of em now..
    5 years ago you'd be lucky to spot of one.

    As for being responsible for crime etc.. I wouldnt know. I dont hang out
    nor associate with em in any way shape or form.
  14. As much as I'd like to blame Kevin Andrews, i'm sure the idiots that did it hardly needed encouragement.

    And Paul, that's not very Christian of you!
  15. FFS Paul what are you the reincarnation of Enoch Powell.

    As England has no parliament it can have no immigration policy. The UK on the other hand has an immigration policy, maybe not the greatest one but a policy none the less. Also the UK has many more issues with regard to Australia as formerly having an Empire and being a member state in the EU gives many more people a right of abode than you can shake a stick at.

    From your previous posts I can't see you being happy until they reinstitute the white Australia policy, as long as you're not a pom or socialist.

  16. while I get what you are saying, re: individual responsiblity. but I do think a government should be a moral leader. The wrong people are getting the messages they want to hear and the less a government leads on these sorts of issues, the more it sinks into the norm of society.

    and hornet, I'd love to say it is beneath you to sink to rhetoric, however...
    this has nothing to do with a 'lack' of immigration policy, this has more to do with a policy based on anecdotal evidence (as admitted by the monister) He didn't use any facts, worse he released a dossier proving he has no evidence to back up these claims. If he had true evidence it possibly would have been a different matter (of course, he also changed his reasons for doing this, not to mention howard pulled this card out back in the late 80s with asians. in fact he said a pretty similar thing).
    A policy based on pretend evidence, is not 'lack' of policy, it is bad policy.
  17. The Govt saying these people are having trouble blending into our society in no way says to me, go and bash them. Quite the opposite actually, I would make more of an effort to help them join in where possible. Anyone who takes that statement by the minister as a reason to incite violence is indeed in need of some mental assessment.

    The minister has nothing to apologise for.
  18. I've pretty much answered this in the second part of my original post. If this were true then sure. Or better, If there was a course of action to solve it:
    "we've slowed the intake whilst we implement a number of measures to aid their integration. Once these measures arein place, we wil re-raise the intake"

    Unfortunately, he's stated that they're slowing the intake, then released a dossier based on anecdotal evidence (as in: not real) stating all the supposed bad things these people do.
    remember that this information was countered by the police who showed that they in fact were underrepresented in the statistics.

    so feel free to explain to me how a decision made, based on false evidence, doesn't require explanation/apology...
  19. Two pointers:

    1. He said more than that
    2. May not mean that to you, but too others... if one is being told they are
    not part of our society etc, whats one way to drive em out?


    I'm not for one moment saying thats what the Government wants, but
    we're talking about how people interprets & acts because of whats been said..
    & given there has always been the racial element in society, I can easily
    see who one can interpret and/or get motivation to enact violence on
    those africans due to statements made to the general public by the

    I'm neutral.

    But I will say its easy to say he has nothing to apologise for when you are
    not part of a minority; have never been, & will never be.

    Put yourselves in their shoes.
  20. Here is how it works: Government is responsible to the parliament. The parliament is made up of Senators and MHR's. We'll vote for them in 2 months.

    If you think he was wrong = The Parliamentary majority is wrong for not pulling him up for that, then vote someone else

    The lies and the arrogancy comes from us keeping them up there for 10+ years...

    My personal opinion is that even if all the parties look the same or have almost the same policies, no other party is as racist and catastrophic for the country as the Coalition. Don't look for blame in them, look for blame in the mirror.