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Minimum-maximum penalty for evading police

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by squidman, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. No I dont plan on running from the cops lol but im just curious?

  2. You will be butt r@ped by a big black man...

    ...holding a pineapple.
  3. Not if i get away hahahah
  4. but if HE gets his way, you will...
  5. First, if it does not end by you crashing the bike, they will make sure the bike goes over. They may add to the effect with boots and battons. They may drag it around a bit, or bump into it a bit with a patrol car. They don't own those. Then they will subdue you, and prevent you from resisting arrest. Or (that isn't right) they will spend about ten minutes combating your resistance to arrest and attempted assault on police officers. It's amazing how you can continue to resist and assault police officers while you're on the ground with your hands cuffed behind your head, but believe me, you will resist vigorously for a while. Then there will be the trip to the watch house, in the back of a van without belts or forward windows, but with good working brakes. You'd be amazed how entertaining a speed bump is at 100k in the back of a paddy wagon. Or a handbrake turn. Then at the station you may resist a bit more and say some things you don't later remember saying. You may find that to get out on bail, you have to sign a record of interview that says things you very much don't remember saying. You may find that when you get out, your bike has vanished, or much more damage is now evident than you first saw.

    And all that's before you ever catch sight of a man with a wig.

    Don't run.
    If you do, make damn sure you get away.
    If you don't, then don't cry and beg - it makes their day and it makes the rest of us look bad.

    Before there were cameras on police cars and every other building and intersection, you had a reasonable chance as long as they never got within about 40m of you, but that's no longer the case. Now you can pretty much be assured that there will be video evidence from some place - a fucking reality tv show? Why not! The more the merrier. That means they will have your number plate. That means that unless the bike is immediately reported stolen, and the rider is wearing a helmet that is visibly different from yours and gear that is different, and best of all - is of visibly different build and size, then even your cast iron alibi is toast. They will show the footage, tell the judge it's you, he'll look, he'll nod - end of argument. If you persist, you and those helping you will be prosecuted for perjury.

    What I'm saying is they can (sometimes) be absolute bastards and I have all the reason in the world to know that. What you saw on the Rodney King tape is the norm.
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  6. just for clarification...who holds the pinapple, the OP or the black guy?
  7. LOL sounds like personal experience dragon
  8. The black guy holds it first, then the OP gets a turn with it.

  9. ...and I'll be darned if it isn't the big one!!!

  10. Some that I've seen first hand. Some that I've seen but not been the recipient of. Some that I've heard told later by the recipient. Some that I've heard told later by the cops. I had a nice man put his face right up against mine one night while I was in cuffs, and tell me how he tried to kill a motorcyclist a week ago, but sadly he misjudged it by an inch or two and the (expletive) lived. "Never mind, there'll be another one in a week or a month. Geeze, I hope it's you." I think he had an erection. It wasn't pleasant.
  11. i saw somewhere before that if you get chased and go into a residential area they call the chase off, so if ive got fake plates im set...not that i will ever do such a thing LOL :angel:

    btw nice pineapple
  12. what did you get cuffed for? should have headbutted the guy
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  13. The record I've heard of someone losing their license is 7 years. That's a fair effort.
  14. I believe you may be able to better that 7 years squidlette, give it all you got mate.
  15. Son, what do you think it means when they call a chase off? Grow up and look at the facts. A girl with a microphone reads a script that says the pursuit has ended and notes the time, and everybody within ten km switches to the side-band and they organise it themselves. Some switch off the lights and the noise, some don't, but the party continues. Then, after the event, they can call up the tape and note the time and say "Look your Honour, the pursuit was called off at 11:13 and police discovered the accident site at 11:19. It wasn't us."
  16. so they play dirty, im still new to riding so EXCUSE ME if some of my questions come off as dumb lol
  17. It's not what you know, it's what you can prove
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  18. I'm pretty sure they'd consider not stopping when you're supposed to to be playing dirty.
    So they'd say you started it
  19. I don’t mean to be rude squidman, but the simple asking of what would happen is pretty dumb in my opinion.

    I’m definitely no :angel: but if it comes time I need to do something… questionable… I’m certainly not gonna ask on a public Internet forum what would happen to me if I do go ahead and do it
  20. minimum penalty is you get away, maximum penatly is you get shot by the cops.
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