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Mini Video Cameras

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by EACRUISER, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. I need help with a video camera.

    I would like to buy a video camera that can record at least 6hours worth of video and is small enough to be mounted on the front of the bike.

    Don't want to spend too much mulah, as i don't really want to be worrying about it if it gets damaged, while i am riding.

    I am looking for one of those tiny video cameras that take the (XD?) cards.

    Any ideas on a suitable camera???
  2. Not sure about mini cameras, most bike footage I've seen has been taken with 'bullet' CCD's plugged into a camera (same as helmet cameras). That way the video camera can be kept in a tankbag, ventura rack, or backpack instead of flapping around the front of the bike.

    Most new digi cams will take the CCD's, but check before buying that they're compatible, I know that not all are.

    Jaycar sells bullet CCD's cheaper than most other places:

    Or specialist places:
  3. hello fello cool biker people.. my 1st post ! just reading this post and i have another camera question that maybe some1 could answer..

    I have a brand new digital camera, so after mounting it to a camera mount that attaches to the bolts on the fuel cap (same set up as ghost rider) and taking it for a test run i was dissapointed to find that on watching the playback it would mosaic and jump and really wasn't worth watching.. i used some foam between the camera and mount and the result was much better but still not that great.. has anyone else suffered this problem? and what could i do to cure it?

  4. G'day jess, I think it will be hard to get rid of all traces of vibration, you'd be better off to buy a ccd lens to plug into the camera and hard mount this to the bike, then you can put the video camera wherever you like.

    Even minor vibrations will be amplified when viewing the footage, so best to mount the ccd as solidly as you can to the bike.

    You might be able to buy a ccd for your camera, below is a link to ccd compatible cameras:

  5. Sorry if this is considered a hijack. Im looking at a not so mini camera and with the option of hooking it to my bike (3rd party accessory to lock to fuel cap maybe? saw someone else do something like this I think). Want a NICE camera, as we're planning a family in semi new future so want to capture the memories with something nice. Does anyone have ideas on this? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/SONY-HARD-DR...627193241QQcategoryZ20333QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    Or point me to a url with info on the info I'd like or give info etc. Thanks (sorry if you feel Ive hijacked??)


    Also, maybe something like this which is a fair bit cheaper http://cgi.ebay.com.au/JVC-30-GIG-4...626658146QQcategoryZ20331QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  6. Hey jess you cant cure it 100% but you can reduce it a lot... If your tank mount is a surf boart type... the kind that have a long tounge forwards of the tank then the vibration of the camer maybe caused by the camer moving up an down... what you need is a little vibration reduction... its easy.

    For the mounting use foam or an old bike inter tube for hard rubber. use some scissors to cut out a gasket for your mounting you may need 2 or three.. When you are tightening the tank screws dont fully crush the rubber stack, just give it an 8th of a turn to tension and compress the pile...

    If you are still getting vibration you need another brace. With the far end of the tounge you may need a tank brace. So grab your camer mount and head to bunnings / hardware / car repair store and get a suction cup to fit beween the tounge and the tank.... the guy will look at you wierd but the dent puller kind work well and slide off easily after a shoot.... if you cant get one to fit a length of dowl as a strut on to the suction cup and something easy to hold the dowl... maybe a screw... if you go to bunnings you will get it... bastards...

    with the camera supported on the rubber and the strut you should have little or no movement.... personaly i'm goubg to get one of these:


    suction cup and ccd as a pov camera package.... mmm tasty...
  7. Where do you get those fuel cap mounts?
    Anyone in Melbourne sell them?
  8. undii: I'd be concerned about using a HDD type video camera on a bike, due to vibrations - esp if the camera is going to be mounted solidly on the bike itself... Even the tape type video cameras develop problems after prolonged use (heads going out of alignment etc)...
  9. Here are some pics of a setup similar (almost identical actually) to what Peter from twitchy.com.au sells, not entirely sure what the camera is actually mounted to (looks like the bolts that hold the fuel tank down?), but I thought it looked quite neat:


  10. Hey that setup from Twitchy looks great. That bit of vid there isn't too bad. Now I've just got to get a bike with enough performance to warrent the kit.

    I wonder what it would be like strapped to my Firehelmet at a house fire. Probably melt but the footage would be very cool. Oh well back to dreaming... :wink:
  11. Haha, I guess you could wrap it in heat foil and hope for the best :) If you hid the recorder and all wires under your fireproof jacket maybe it would work :)

    And heh, the good thing about bikes is that you don't need to go fast to make the video look fast :) And, you can move the kit from bike to bike and stuff, it's so small and portable! In fact, Peter's kit that's on his bike at the moment is going into my rally car for next weekend :)
  12. Been thinking about this for a while...

    Best results all seem to be via a small 'lipstick' type external camera with a seperate recording unit. The lipsticks are easier to mount securely and allow the recording unit to sit in a cushioned bag. There is a fair difference in the quality of some of these cameras - sellers should at least be quoting how many lines of resolution your going to get from it. Also worth looking for something waterproof...

    As for video cameras, I expect a HDD based unit should be vastly better than the tape or dvd based items. Remember, these are laptop hdd they are putting in there which are quite shock resistant. Compared to something trying to burn to a DVD or heads going over a tape it should be much more reliable. The only problem will be that once the HDD is full, you need something to dump the data off before you can start recording again, vs slipping in another tape. Also make sure the camera accepts an analog input - not all of them do.

    undii - Watch out for ebay - that 30gb video camera is RRP 1799 from sony (not 2299), I would think you should be able to haggle a shop down below the sellers 1599 and have a bit more piece of mind in your purchase. Nice piece of kit though!

    Your also going to want to factor in either some spare batteries or a bit of kit to charge the unit from your bike. Other things that are popular include remote controls (stick them to your bars).

    Keen to see what you guys end up deciding on...
  13. lotus7: thanks for thewarning. I won't jump straight in and buy something like this without research. Was mainly asking the quality of the items *then* I'd look into prices and stuff :)

    I'm still having fun with the tomtom rider GPS I just bought. Walking to my girlfriends work (200 metres away), was using the GPS to follow my route and tell me how far away I was :LOL:
  14. Its so true, Bike enthusiests are just nicer people!
    Been into cars for sooo long and found out my passion for bikes just a couple year ago, and cant stop! Thanks for all the info and yes it is the surf board type.
    The Camera uses 3CCD or 'Three Chip' and has incredible picture quality so its a shame that you guys are right in the fact that lipstick cams really are the go as they wont get damaged or suffer jumping, not to mention they are more discreet ;)
    Ill look into this 4 sure. Nice to be here by the way