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Mini rant to major.. driving instructors..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by bdzy88, Dec 9, 2014.

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    Keeping left fail.. by a DRIVING INSTRUCTOR

    In the 4x4 cage, Intersection - single right hand turn lane with an arrow in to a 3 lane, 70kmh main road.

    Learner infront.. *sigh*
    Give them the time and patience they require, sure - 1 minute is a perfectly acceptable reaction time to a green light.


    Fully marked driving instructor operated learner vehicle.
    Said vehicle makes the turn on the green arrow from the single turn lane straight in to the right lane..

    Sure, this vehicle must be going to turn right..

    After a few kms go by, and the vehicle being 20+kmh under the 70 limit I think to myself
    hmph, had enough, indicate and undertake in the middle lane, grumble grumble...

    Dont figure any more of it, I keep cruising along at my 70 kmh (posted limit) for the rest of the free running main road. Approx 10 Minutes and at least 10kms later, im stuck in a right hand turn lane with a red arrow, you know like the little side street kind of ones that take two generations to go green..

    Anyway; long-behold, here comes the learner, being instructed by a 70+ year old driving instructor still sitting in the right lane of the 70kmh 3 lane main road, doing at least 20kmh under the limit with other motorists flashing lights and carrying on like idiots going past in the middle and outside left lane (green light for continuing traffic)

    Now, the thing is, from this little turn lane, you have another 3km view approx as the decline is quite steep but gradual..

    I Notice the learner keeps coasting along downhill maximum 50kmh in the RHL and continues on straight..

    Really?? .. are we really to a point where the whole keep left is that underrated that even professional drive schools don't practice it..

    Hell, I'm not that old, but even I was taught by drive schools only 10 years ago as a learner to go straight to the left lane, continue, match speed, if a turn is to be made then move across and make the turn.

    If I remember correctly you could even lose points for turning straight to the outside lane (rhl).

    Was tempted to have a go at the old fool of a driving instructor but decided against it.
    Understand it's a little thing, but something that seriously grinded me.

    Muppets teaching muppets..

    Rant over.
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    Ah look, don't even get me started on hogging the right hand lane! See motorways... and drivers that are blissfully unaware/too busy texting/righteous a**holes going 98km/h who will not move over come hell or high water!! :mad:

    Edit: Sometimes I wonder if new cars are sold with mirrors and indicators as optional extras... :banghead:
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  3. I was sitting on 107 indicated (101.5 in a hilux) in the rhl of the ringroad on the way to the bike show..

    A p plater chick moved across 3 lanes, to jump infront of me with less than a car and a half distance, then proceeded to sit at 94 hilux indicated (88-89) to stop me moving any further..

    Now im a very very patient person on the road, but a deliberate arrogant act like that, coupled with 10 vehicles lined up behind me, with nothing in the lane next to her

    Made sure that she had a Toyota grill in her backseat.

    Then proceeded to dive back, and flip me off.. saywut.
  4. Yeah it makes you wonder doesn't it...
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  5. In 80km and under zones keep left isn't legally required. Common courtesy on the other hand......
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  6. Yeah I remember something like that mick, but surely when doing that far under the limit, and the actions from drivers around them..

    Just absolutely astounded and p****d me off a bit..
  7. As I said, common courtesy on the other hand... meaning while not legally required you'd think that they would pull over to the left lane.

    Having said that, learners aren't alone in this, and neither are city drivers. I've lost count of how many drivers (and riders) will stubbornly sit in the overtaking lane when going up steep hills while doing 5 under the limit. Or simply refuse to pullover in to a 'pull in' to let others go past.
  8. If it was an everyday learner, I wouldn't of given it a second thought.

    Just muppets teaching muppets, but an actual fully fledged driving school..
    was wow.. just wow...

    All very real issues, just nothing that earns vicpol a cent so isn't even considered.
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  9. This exact thing happened to me while I was riding back from work few month ago.

    There you see a driving instructor in front of me talking on the phone while the learner driving the car is lost and not sure what to do next.

    Plus having the right indicator on for the next 2km without any input from the instructor was starting to drive me mad.

    Feeling sorry for the learner I though keep calm and don't sound the horn and start going nuts!

    After 2 km and endless cars up my ass I decided enough is enough and sounded the horn few time only to realise the instructor did not care and learner kept looking at the road right in front of them so ....

    I managed to change lane and pass the car feeling peed off after i recceived a finger from the instructor for sounding the horn as I was passing him!

    The driving instructor should have his licence cancelled.
  10. In NSW your wouldn't get your Ps if you did that, so all the driving instructors always get them left straight away.

    It doesn't help breed any good practice however, because as soon as they get their Ps they just cruise along in the right.
  11. Most people in Melbourne would know Burwood Hwy/Toorak road as it's a main road leading from inner City to outer east.

    We witnessed a leaner driver in bound in a 80kmh zone, instructed by a parent we assume. Come to a complete stop in the middle of 3 lanes as they were about to miss their turn off. Everyone came to a complete stop with a couple close tail enders to witness this idiot turn 90 degrees right to perform a U turn!

    And we wonder why driving is getting worse by the day!
  12. Yeah, this drives (no pun intended) me nuts too. The number of drivers that seem to have a panic attack and absolutely HAVE TO make that particular turn or off-ramp from completely the wrong lane/position/speed, and bugger everyone else and basic common sense to boot. How hard is it to take the next turn/make a U turn when you can/take the next offramp rather than causing bloody chaos and in many cases a bingle of some sort?
  13. See, there's the problem right there. He should have been on a bike.
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  14. What so they can be another toll statics VicPol get to use against us? That's just stupid!
  15. I think he was having a gentle dig at your spelling. ;)
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