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VIC Mini Motard tracks?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by MV, May 31, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone knows of any mini motard tracks/clubs around melbourne? I've seen a few people posts about the Melbourne Mini Motard club, but I think they disbanded in 2008...


  2. Miniriders Forum

    hey mate, there is a fair few open to minibikes, check it out on the miniriders forum.

  3. Thanks JimmyD, I think that's where I found the MMMC details, I have a nother look around.

  4. from memory theres a few on the east side. meets every week or so.
  5. Heard they were at LeMans gokart track in Dandenong Sth on a wednesday night.......went there last week to have a look & see if any of the old faces from Melbourne Minimoto were still around...but nobody showed up.. staff said "danny" had been and gone...wonder if its the same danny ( a1 )
  6. Is the Le-mans night still on??
    I'm thinking of buying another minimotard
  7. I never even new they actually had racers for these things until this thread. I used to race go karts, but the hassle of a trailer and the waiting for your turn to get on the track got old pretty quick.

    Next year I may be keen to pick one of these up if my Volvo T5 is still with me. Not sure if I'd go dirt or bitumen though.
  8. Details? I'll get off my arse & put mine back together if there's somewhere to go!
  9. I'm going to find out this week if the Wednesday night mini-bike ride days are on at Dandenong.

    I'll post up when I find out what the go is.
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  10. Sadly Danny who once ran a pocketbike ride night at le-mans has moved overseas, and the track is not prepared to lease the track for minibike use.

    If anyone is interested in this, give le-mans a ring and ask them about it. I'm hoping that if enough potential riders pay interest then they might see the benefit in it.