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mini motard at lakeside

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by sabertooth_buterfly, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Hi all mini motard is now running at lakeside raceway every second Sunday morning 9.30-12.30 before the pocket bikes.
    mini motard is based on crf50 style bikes so any of the Chinese pit bikes are eligible or any of the Japanese bikes like ttr50 basically the motor has to be a horizontal motor the Chinese motors come in sizes from 125cc to 160cc (bigger if you want to build a hotty). The safety requirements are minimum of heavy jeans and knee amour, leather jacket, road gloves, helmet. I ride in full leathers as do most serious riders.
    Most bikes run 12 inch wheels as there is better choice of tires in this size. Plus the bikes turn in better with 12in front rather than 14in.
    Here is a few pics of a wet day I’ll try to get some better pics in a few weeks.

    Feel free to drop by for a look and a chat. My bike is the one with the butterfly on the front plate


  2. I saw you guys there a few weeks ago. I went to see the public sprints and was spectating from the inside the circut, so i couldn;t get over to check out the bikes. They looked fun.
  3. it is awsome fun to be able to push a bike fully to it's limits, but a large part of the fun for me is the fact that I built my bike fully and have made soooo many home made bits for it. I love the development process. My next chalenge is to start applying some of the things I have learnt to my sons bike.
    I'll be there for the next track day on the 21st (with a few more changes made to the bike) hoping to break the 30 sec lap barier. If your not busy drop by and have a chat

  4. Those little things sure circulate at a decent pace!

    Also, if you guys and gals would be happy to have some maxi-motards run a couple of sessions, I am sure I could rustle a whole bunch up.
  5. To get big bikes out there you would have to talk to the people who manage the track, I would think the biggest problem you guys might have is the noise restrictions (85Db). We all run a one make muffler that helps us to comply 125cc do it easily 140cc just a little louder but still under 160cc are right on the limit. We have found that induction noise is a big contributer to the sound, some air filters are quieter than others.
    If you did get big bikes out there I'd stick around to watch that would be interesting to see if you can beat the lap record.

  6. The lap record is ????

    Also my neighbour read the db limit printed on his stock SM WRF 450 muffler and it read 85db....

    We also hear alot of inside info and both tracks are being re-surfaced in 2 months time with 3-4 apex's being moved to allow for safer lines...

    Also rider training and track days are looking to be late this year to early next year..

    I'd join in on the tard action if I was allowed to run an upright motor...
  7. mines 185dB

    but to be fair its 6.4 times the size

    those things look like an absolute ball. pot sized racing, schoona sized budged, keg sized fun by the look of it
  8. Hi GSXR750K4 my personal lap record is 30.28 sec, I have run quicker but my lap timer missed it because the delay was set wrong so they dont count. In the china bikes there isnt to many 140cc that run quicker. The 160cc are a little quicker not sure what time they run. some of the jap bikes are also very quick but with most of them you need $$$ to develop them, there was one crf70 that was very very quick the other week but it had some $$$ spent on it. There is also a couple of klx110's that are quite quick and I have no doubt that soon they will be very fast in jap class.
    The prob with the noise testing is that they use a different system there not the same as main roads, we are tested at full noise down the main at about 4/5 meters distance.
    slickncghia they are awsome fun, soooo much about technique the lean angles that can be attained are amasing. you can have a fairly competative 140cc bike setup and runing for under $1500, I built mine from parts and was a lot cheaper than that, aprox $100 each for top grade tires and you will get months of riding out of them. $400-$650 aprox for a brand new motor if you manage to lunch one (they can be found cheaper if you look). All this equals out to be very cheap motorsport.

    PS: with the 3-4 apex being moved is that going to open it up more or tighten it? I hope tighter that would be interesting, I came off at 2 and slid on my butt to 3 lol
  9. The apex changes are going to be opened up more.. They are trying to make the track safer, they also have some work to do to make the gravel traps bigger and better...

    db testing may be 4-5m away but in actual fact it is supossed to be directly beside the bike at full noise... One of the neighbours was at his fence line with a db tester on Sunday registering noise, so Mick went up there with his and found we were reading 69db's, Lakeside want to have the noise at 60db's at the neighbours back door...

    We are also going through noise control now, kinda sucks 'cause when we started we were allowed to be 95db and the problem with 2-strokes is that you can't go altering or modifying pipes and stingers without having big power loses...
  10. we have found that a fair percentage of the noise that is being registerd by the Db meter is actualy induction noise. We had two bikes that run identical motors and exhaust's one was well under Db limit and the other was ocasionaly slightly over the only diference we could emediatly think of was they run two diferent air filters, so we swaped the filters over and the quiet one was now slightly over and the noisy one was now well under. So from that we concluded that trying to quieten induction noise could help. We also found that the 125cc bikes are easily quieter than the 140cc, and the 160cc are barely within the limit, so with that thinking would a 2 stroke that has standard ports be quieter than one with a big port job?

  11. You lost me....

    How does induction noise have to do with port work ????

    But anyways, I somewhat agree about the induction noise.. It is only minimal though compared to the noise of the exhaust system.. Furthermore I also believe that 60-70 % of the noise comes from the expansion chamber, I now need to figure out what (besides heat wrap) I can wrap around the chambers to dull the sound...
  12. sorry I probably didnt express my thoughts to well
    What I was thinking is that because with our bikes as the capacity gets bigger the sound level goes up could the ports on a 2 stroke have a simalar effect? IE a stock port motor quieter than a full ported motor?
    The heat wrap is a good idea that may help.
    I hope we dont have to get any quieter because we have been complying with 85Db from day one.

  13. mini motard practice at lakeside this sunday 21st 9.30am-12.30 anyone welcome
    main rule is that the bikes must be based on a horizontal motor Ex crf50 ttr50 pit bike. and all bikes must commply with 85Db noise limit (run a controll exhaust/Muffler.

    PS: we run same time every second sunday

  14. 185? lol

    6.4 times louder than 85dB is about 92dB ;)
  15. it was another gr8 day today, few people overcooking it and having an off but no one hurt so was all fun.
    we did have a minor hickup with one of our bikes though
    here is the offending valve head
    I think these valves must have been made by hyosung LOL