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Mini Indicators

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by vladpp, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. As long as they are more than 30cm's apart you'll be fine.
  2. They must also be ADR approved. You can usually tell cause they are marked on the lense with a >> (E). If there is no marking, check with your tester BEFORE you fit em. He may request that you remove them.
    Damn ridiculous I know .. but thats VicRoads :roll:
  3. be careful of that made in China crap. I bought a set of blinkers from the same ebay seller and the quality is just terrible.
    The silver inside used to reflect the light is just paint, the globes are 2 prong clears that have been dipped in orange paint. I tried finding replacement ones and couldn't.
    There is no water seal so when it rains they fog up.
    The wiring used is so cheap that its hard to strip them without cutting all the wires.. and my spring unit inside the indicators was already rusting.
    Basically, I've learnt my lesson and will not buy this junk anymore. Spend more and spent it less often..
  4. good point on china crap.

    (whats left of) my old indicators don't have an E on the lens, only "SUZUKI 35600-50, TOKAIDENSO JAPAN. their the original ones from '87.

    I guess this is an appropriate place to ask, whats the process for rwc & rego?

    does vicroads have to do the testing?

    if i take it to a mechanic that is approved, do i still have to take it to vicroads?

    can the above mentioned mechanic be car mech who is a tad clueless about bikes :wink:?
  5. - You need to take the bike to a Vic Roads Licensed RWC tester who is approved to RWC test bikes. ( motorcycle dealer/repairer ).
    - Nope, cannot be done by a car mechanic ( unless he has the above credentials , which is unlikely )
    - If the bike is unregistered, it must then be presented at VicRoads, with a valid RWC where they usually do a 'walk-around' inspection before registering the bike.

    Hope this heps