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mini indicators

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Is there any trick to get the bolbs out of these suckers?

    The bulbs sit at right angles to the lens and the space inside the casing is not enough to get your fingures in.

    Do you just have to replace the whole thing?

    I tried a pair of pointy nose pliers, knowing exactly what would happen.
  2. are there any screws where you can disassemble the houseing, thats how mine work... undo the screw and it comes off... then you take the globe out. not implying you didn't look or anything though... took me a bit to figure out how mine came apart too... :LOL:
  3. I'll have another look, but it looked like the plastic bits were cast onto the metal shaft
  4. mmm yeah my screw was on the back just up from the shaft (was that a questionable sentence or what :oops: :LOL: :LOL:)

    and then once it came off it was poking out parallel with the shaft (right angle to the lense) and they are normal bayonet style globes.

    On mine anyway, yours may very well be different.

    You would surely be able to replace the globe only, would be a bit of a silly design if you couldn't :shock:
  5. Just went and pulled it of.

    The plastic stalk screws off the metal post. Then the cup is held in by a spring.

    The bulb is one of those 23W jobbies. Does anyone know if these are readily available?
  6. very hard to find little bulb for mini indicators i got it from bike shop. servo's, supercheap,autopro, repco etc ... dont have them.
  7. Got them from mcas.

    Turns out that wan't the problem anyway. It looks like I've a dodgy connection. It's intermittent.