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Mini-Hornet just arrived

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Uncle Hornet is now Grand-dad Hornet :).

    Just heading into the hospital to meet our darling daughter's new offspring (and our first grand-child), Flynn.

  2. Congrats :grin:

    Interesting name.
  3. Yay! Well done to everyone!

    We expect pics. Nothing better for restoring well being than seeing pics of a newborn.
  4. Congrats Paul......enjoy grandfatherhood :grin: It's a hoot mate.
  5. Grandad Paul!


  6. Congrats Paul and Hazel. You'll love being Grandparents. You were both born for the role.
  7. Congratulations Hornet I sure you will revel in the doting Grandfather tole. All the best. :)
  8. Grats man.

    Have fun in later years loading Flynn up on sugar and handing him bad.
  9. congratulations on being a grandpa, now prepare to spoil him rotten :grin:
  10. We've just been in to see the little bloke, and when his dad can master the technology of sending a picture from a phone, I'll post it.

    I'm off to the land of Nod, early start tomorrow morning to go to Hobart for Dante's wedding.
  11. Congrats to you and yours on the grandchild Paul.
  12. Congrats Paul !!!!!!
    Being a GrandDad can be a wonderful experience.
    Hope Mum & Bub are both doing very well.
  13. Congratulations.

    Now for one of those decisions that will effect the rest of your life......

    Will you be Grandad, Pop, Grandpa, or Pa??? :LOL:
  14. grats pops!

  15. Congrats y'ole fart! :)
  16. nice one pops.. must be a 250..
  17. Have to start small

  18. Well done mate - well done.
  19. Congratulations, all round !!

    :) :)
  20. congrats ya ol bastard :)